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How to improve your grades?

Let’s admit it for some us bad grades are a huge deal, it spells defeat, like we aren’t good enough. If you are one of those people who feel like a failure because you are suddenly, for the first time in your life underscoring then todays article is for you. We all tend to lose ourself trying to acquire the perfect college experience, making all thought of grades vanish until D day (exams) and it’s just too late by then.

How To Improve Your Grades?

How To Improve Your Grades?

But worry not folks we have some tips to help you maintain your grades through college because let’s be practical Rome was not built in a day and you can’t expect yourself to shine in your exams if you’ve been snoozing in class throughout the semester. Here we go:

Stay active in class

You may be able to manage doing a lot of course on your own but you won’t be able to do it all, which is why you need teachers. So, use that resource while you can. Be regular to your classes and no, that does not mean you just have to present in them, you also need to participate in class. That means that you stay attentive, ask questions and share your doubts. And chill, geek is the new cool!

Make notes

Because you will not remember everything that the teacher said three months later but a perusal of your notes might just bring back the context. So, make studious and detailed notes of the important topics that can come in handy when you start revision.

Follow a study schedule

Planning is the best way to cut procrastination and stay on schedule. So make a study chart that best suits your routine. Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, your plan should make use of your learning ability. You should keep taking short breaks and allot different time slots to different subjects to avoid boredom.

Turn studying into a game

We know studying can be boring and there’s a reason you sleep in class! But you can always turn it into a fun game. You can participate in a study group and learn with your peers or literally use games to study like flashcards for studying. You can also make use of online resources like the ones we talked about in a previous article.

Discover your learning ability

Every learner is different so figure out how you learn best. There are many kinds of learners like visual, auditory kinesthetic etc. Find out about them and see which category you fit into and plan your studies accordingly.

Work on your writing skills

Your writing stills play an important role in fetching you good grades, so work on improving them. Write more often, read more, keep practicing, ask for feedback and remember to work on the feedback.

Stay Motivated

This is the most important thing in life, don’t lose motivation. Find a dream, set a goal and work for it until you achieve it. Also remember to stay positive and pick yourself up after a fall, that’s the way of life.

Remember folks go big or go home!

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