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Interesting Topics To Write A Business Dissertation

Interesting topics to write a business dissertation

As a commerce student, you will have to study business a lot. Business studies is indeed an important subject, and will help you a lot in your future studies. During your academic life as a commerce student, you not only have to study the subject and appear for your exam, but you will also have to write numerous assignments and business dissertations on the same.

Here are some topics that are interesting enough for you to write a business dissertation on. So read on and find a fine topic that suits you.

Global business and global politics dissertation topics:

Global politics is one major part of international business studies. This helps you to learn about the connection between global politics and global businesses. Global politics teaches you about the main factors, processes and institutions of a global business, and also makes you aware of the political environment of a business. You can write a dissertation on global politics on any of the following topic.

  • Investigate the effects of corporate governance on internationalization, globalization and the performance of firms.
  • Analyse the effect of the relation between a business and the government on the process of industrial upgrading.
  • Investigate the performance of global business teams in MNCs.
  • How does globalization impact the work of the business teams that work in groups?

Global strategy for business dissertation topics

This subject makes your aware of the strategic problems that a firm may face when it decides to establish its business on a global level. It basically covers three areas, mainly global strategic analysis, global strategy formulation and the sources of competitive advantage for a firm.

Some interesting topics that you can possibly write an assignment on for the above are:

  • Investigate the pros and cons of an international venture
  • Investigate the ways in which business strategies can be used to expand a business globally
  • How can vendor relationships be made better and more successful?
  • How can an effective vendor management strategy help a company?
  • Analyse the mergers and acquisitions in the sports shoes and apparel sector.

Leadership and innovation business dissertation topics

In today’s competitive times, no business can survive without leadership and innovation. Unfortunately, innovation does not come naturally to all leaders. These leaders then have to stimulate their employees and support them in order to find success for the business. You will have to discuss all these things in your dissertation. Here are some interesting dissertation topics about leadership and innovation.

  • Investigate the effects of leadership clarity and team innovation in a firm.
  • How can leaders manage team creativity for innovation and leadership in a business?
  • Investigate the correlation between the personality and attitude of transactional and transformational leadership.

Corporate social responsibility business dissertation topics

All businesses and firms are accountable to the media, government and activists for the social consequences of their actions. And corporate social responsibility, or CSR, helps these firms to cope up with all of this. Thus, CSR is an indispensable part of all business strategies. Some of the best dissertation topics pertaining to CSR are as follows:

  • What role does business education play in developing CSR skills?
  • What impact does CSR have on the reputation of a corporate?
  • Investigate the numerous challenges that ethical businesses face when they decide to shift to the mainstream.

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