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How to handle Parental Pressure

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A sheltered and joyful domestic atmosphere is crucial for all round development and growth of a child. Children learn a lot from their parents and families. Every parent wants their kids to be efficient and fruitful in academics, but this because of this expectation sometimes, they put their children under a lot of pressure, and this causes stress to the young minds. Children already face a lot of peer pressure, and the expectations of the parents put further pressure on the children, and they feel over-burdened.  Parents, sometimes cross all the lines and abuse their kids to do better in academics without understanding the capabilities and interests of their children. Some students are good in sports, while other may be good artists, but everyone is expected to top their exams and parents sometimes put pressure on their kids to perform over and above their potential. Each kid is different and most of the time parents fail to understand this and put undue pressure on their kids to do something which they are not good at, and this leads to tension and hostile relations.

The psychologists also say that the young minds are so delicate and if they are exposed to nagging and comparison, they tend to lose their unique abilities. Academics are important, but it does not ensure a good life and secure jobs. There have been several students who have done well in academics, but they fail to secure good jobs. Those who pursue their dreams lead a successful and happy life. Money is not a parameter to judge a person’s happiness, as money can never buy joy. Parents sometimes make unrealistic expectations and force their children to go beyond their limits. Children may find it difficult to get out of this undue stress and at times take their lives to get rid of the dreadful stress exerted by their parents. A child may handle the stress put on by outsiders, but the pressure exerted by a family member can break a person’s strength of mind.

You may find many articles on the web that tells you a lot about what kind of stress students feel, which has made them develop a kind of aversion towards their parents. But developing a feeling of animosity cannot help you get out of it, rather you have to take the bull by the horns and deal with the stress. First of all, you have to understand that parents always want their kids to excel and outdo them, and in this hope, they try to encourage their kids to do better.  As parents, they think that what they are doing is right as being parents it is their responsibility to make their children aware of the path that leads to success. The pressure exerted by parents is to make the kids walk the right track. You all have heard about Thomas Alva Edison, the man who invented the light bulb. Edison was ridiculed by his teachers, and he got all the education from his mother. Edison’s mother encouraged her son and because of her belief and constant support Edison made it to the history. If he had seen the determination of his mother as pressure on him, he wouldn’t have made it large, but he chose to look at the positive side and became successful.

I am not saying that what parents do is right, but I am requesting you to understand the intent of your parents and try to look at the situation from their perspective. You can make your parents understand that you have different interests and your dreams are not the same.  We have become technologically advanced, but emotionally backward. We fail to communicate our emotional state and prefer to brush our feelings under the carpet. This habit gradually erects an invisible wall and children grew apart from their parents.

Gen Y kids are smart, and you have to take a stand for what you believe in. Communicate your feelings to the people whom you love and acquaint them with your dreams and aspirations. Love has magical power, and you should use this magic while sharing your dreams with your parents. Technology cannot replace humans; you may find solace in your gadgets and friends, but the role of parents and family cannot be ignored.

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