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how to fight Senioritis


The Senioritis is the incapacitating disease that strikes high school and graduate seniors. As the last months of high school or college approaches, students start to lose focus on their academic performance.  If you are feeling demotivated, weariness and carelessness towards your studies, then don’t stress. It is very common to go through senioritis at the end of the year. The students start to lose interest in the classes, so they use excuses like finding jobs, extracurricular activities and friends to escape the schoolwork.

The pressure to succeed in the class and planning for the life after studies can be overwhelming. Don’t let the senioritis get the best of you and work hard to meet your academic commitment. Don’t lose sight of your goals, for which you have worked so hard till now.

Signs of Senioritis

  • Lower grades

You once were an A plus student, and now you start to drop in your grades because of lack of preparation.

  • Incomplete assignments

You leave your homework, for the last minute or don’t care enough about completing it.

  • Skipping classes

The disinclination to go to class becomes stronger and stronger, and you start to take more sick days than your previous semester. You lost interest in going to the class which began to affect your attendance.

  • Lack of motivation

The major sign of seniority in students is the complete loss of motivation.  You don’t care enough about going to the class or completing your homework on time for better grades.

  • Superiority

You are in the final year of high school/ college, and you develop this unreasonable ego of being a senior.

  • Difficulty in getting out of bed

Lethargy is the most common symptom of senioritis. In spite of taking many naps, you experience fatigue and have a hard time waking up in the morning for the college/school. You hit the snooze button repeatedly and get puffy eyes, pale and washed out complexion.


How to cope with the senioritis:

  • You are about to finish your graduation and will start a new stage of your life. So dig in your heels and motivate yourself to complete your semester strongly. Make a playlist of the motivational songs. Read and write motivational quotes and hang them in front of study table to encourage yourself daily.
  • Make a list of things that you need to do for each day, like reading coursework chapter, lecture notes, going for shopping and start crossing off things once they are done. Completing your written task will make you feel you days going easy once the feeling of accomplishment sets in.
  • Maintain your physical and mental health can be critical in your senior year. You are on your own now, so it’s important to plan how to have a stable and healthy diet while spending hours of tough homework. Take out time to do a quick workout, healthy, fresh meal at least once in a day and you can also meditate to calm down and relieve your daily stress.
  • Your college counselor has experienced and dealt with the senioritis before, visiting them can help you prepare for it no matter what is ahead. They can advise you and motivate you better on how to get over it. It is better to visit them early, and it shows how serious you are about your education.
  • Take a class for the fun of the topic you always wanted to learn or something that you think will help you in your career. Take a class, not just for your interest, also for the sake of fun in learning new things and meeting new people.
  • Go out of your campus and join any surrounding community as a volunteer. You can help in women’s shelter, a homeless organization, give food to the hungry. Volunteering out of campus once a week can give you satisfaction and re-energize your mind and heart.
  • You are about to finish your grad life, make some good memories with your friends, so that when you look back at your time, it gives you happiness and motivate your future life. Try new things every week with your friends, join a collective activity, meet new people. Pack as much baggage of memories as you can in your senior year.
  • Take a short vacation break with your friends, family or you can travel on your own. It doesn’t have to be that far, but full of the fun weekend. It will not only improve your health but also relieve your stress and increase your energy level, and you will go back to your college with improved confidence.
  • Reward yourself for each task you complete one day like sleeping late for one day, watching the movie, partying at one weekend instead of studying. Your senior year should not spend too serious, work on making it the best year of your life. Once you make a right balance between your work and entertainment, you will not have problems in adjusting to your post-grad life.


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