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how to stop procrastination


The procrastination is when you are delaying your important work and taking more interest in doing something that is more enjoyable or comfortable for you, like checking emails, watching videos, social media, listening music or surfing blogs.
Are you putting off your important tasks again and again, then don’t stress you are not alone in this. Most of the people procrastinate at some point. According to the psychologist, procrastination happens when there is a temporal gap between the enacted behaviour and intended behaviour. It means when people take certain time between when they intend to do a job and when they do it. They keep delaying things, hide from the work, face their job unless it’s unavoidable and repeat this loop all over again. This bad habit of procrastination prevents us from achieving greater results in personal as well as professional life. Don’t let procrastination, take control of your life and apply some steps discussed in this forum.

• The reason why we procrastinate is that we find the work too overwhelming for us. Break down your work into little parts and focus on one part at a time. If you are still not able to complete your break, then break it down even further. For example, if you are working on essay, then make points such as

1. Topic
2. Research
3. Creating the outline
4. The content
5. Chapters
6. Revision

Your task will look so simple and manageable for you, that you might think of doing it right now. Breaking down your work makes it easy to focus on one phase without getting tense about other phases, and when it’s done, you can quickly move on to the next.

• The environments we are working in, have a significant impact on our productivity. Does your work area make you want to snuggle or sleep? You should think about changing your workplace. If the environment around you makes you lose interest in work after a period of time, then it’s time to make a difference around. Make sure to often take breaks from your everyday routine and might work from somewhere else to provide yourself a mental refresh.

• Having one deadline, make us feel like we have enough time to complete our business and keep pushing everything back until it is too late. As discussed before, break down your work and create a deadline for each task. This will help you complete your each task without the urgency of a hard deadline. If you have anxiety about the deadline, the all the energy can be focused on the result, but if you are relaxed about the time to complete your task then all your anxiety goes to the creative part.

• The people we are around influences our behaviour. Hang out with the people, friends, or colleagues mostly who are hard workers, who trigger you and inspire you to take action. Get the inspiration by reading the blogs of personal development experts and correlate with them via social media or emails on the regular basis.

• Excess food can influence your level of procrastination. If you consume unhealthy food, it can make you feel lethargic which results in losing interest in completing your task. Consume healthy food which increases your energy level and keep you prepared for the day. Eat more of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, plant proteins and lots of water and eat less of a saturated and trans fat, refined grains, sugars, animal products, sodium, and alcohol.

• After you complete each task, treat yourself with some delicacy, go for a movie, play, hang out with friends. Rewarding yourself when you accomplish a goal will encourage you into completing tasks more often, even if they are more challenging.

• Be with a friend who has his/her set of targets. Having a companion makes the process much more fun and motivating. It is not necessary that you both have the same goals, though it is much easier with the same goals, that way you can discuss things and learn from each other. Talk to them regularly and keep asking each other about the progress of achieving those goals.

• Share about your goals you have to achieve to others like your friends, family or colleagues. Every time you will meet them, they might ask you about the status of those projects. It is the best way to keep yourself accountable to your plans.

• No matter how much you do planning, strategizing and hypothesising, nothing is going to happen unless you take action on them. Recognise and confront what make you afraid to start and then to complete your task. Work on them and get it done.



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