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How to deal with failure?

So listen up folks, as cliche as it sounds, failure is an inescapable, inevitable and might I say important part of growing up. And we all get our share of it time and again.

And even though it may seem like the universe is conspiring against you and nothing is going as planned, you are not alone. Take any success story and behind the success would be the many failures that lead to it. You see, it is very difficult to pick the road meant for you, mostly it’s just trial and error, you pick a road, it doesn’t seem right and you keep traveling until you reach the one that does seem right. The failures along the path are just part of the journey and it is important that we see them as that.

So here are some tips to keep in mind for your encounter with failure, if you haven’t encountered it already:

How to deal with failure?

How to deal with failure?

Do not let fear control you

As I said you are not alone on the journey to self discovery, we are all on our own individual tracks, so it is important for starters to stop fearing failure. Take risks, find your dream and then follow it till you are living it (again, pardon me if it sounds cliche), but if that one doesn’t work out, it’s no reason to not find another one.

Do not let a failure become a part of your personality

A lot of the times our perspective can change the picture. Instead of letting a set back become a major part of your life, think of it this way – failure is a one time chance that life gives you to come out stronger, brighter, more experienced and better. It is a stepping stone to realizing your full potential, a stepping stone to success.

Talk about it

Any emotion that starts to overpower you needs to be let out. Find an outlet for the negative energy, only you can decide how best to do it. It is easier to shut the world out when you are going through something like this, also most people want to deal with their problems themselves but having people around makes your suffering common. So talk about your feelings, you can wait till you’re ready but don’t shut people out.

Get up after the fall

Remember being a kid? You probably don’t, but if you happen to know and envy someone from that age, you’ll have immense admiration for their ability to get up after the fall, each and every time! That’s a thing you can learn from children. It’s okay to feel bad, even better if you shed a few tears or get angry, but the most important lesson about falling is to find the courage to pick yourself right up. Over and over again!

Restart planning

After you find the strength to get up, start making new plans, take another road. But remember, moving on doesn’t mean you completely forget about the set back, think on it, analyze what went wrong, learn from it before you start planning again.

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