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The best and most affordable countries for education

There’s more to college than choosing the right course, for most students it is the iconic moment to spread their wings and take a shot at flying. It is a choice that may or may not define your life but definitely defines the first few years of living in liberty. That said, it can be a lot of pressure to choose the right place, the right college, the right stream, all the right ingredients to making  your dreams come true, keeping in mind factors such as your pocket and return on investment etc.

To help you with that grueling decision that does seem like it will make or break you (it won’t break you, we promise, but still), we have a list of countries that offer quality education without leaving a hole in your pocket. So, here goes:

University of Hamburg, Germany

University of Hamburg, Germany


‘The land of ideas’ is one of the most popular destinations in the world for education, with 40 of it’s universities finding a spot in the QS World University Ranking. The county offers a wide range of English – taught courses and as you probably already know, public universities in Germany do not charge any tuition fees at undergraduate and PhD level. How cool is that!

The cost of living is relatively low and you may even get a scholarship to support you.


India is a great option to consider in terms of affordability and cultural diversity. With english being the second most popular language and an accepted medium of instruction in Universities, the country offers a variety of courses of choose from. The cost of living again is nominal and although the fees varies depending on your education level and university, it is quite cheap.


As surprising as it may seem, France is on our list of countries with affordable education. For starters, the country offers the same tuition fess for domestic as well as international students. Not all, but a lot of the courses are available in English, however it is advisable that you brush up your French before relocating. And even though the living cost in Paris is relatively high, it is quite worth the experience what with Paris being ranked the number one student city four times in a row!

Library at the National Taiwan University

Library at the National Taiwan University


Heading back too Asia, Taiwan is another great option to consider. The country has more than 120 courses taught in English at over 40 Universities.  The Taiwan National University holds the 68th position in the QS World university Ranking 2016-27 and could be an option to consider. The quality of life is good and the living costs quite low.


Famed to be one of the world’s most developed countries, Denmark is easily dismissed by most potential students. but the European country is a wise choice to consider for anyone looking for high quality education with a strong emphasis research. the low cost of living and reasonable fee structure act as added bonus.

So get exploring people along with finding a course and college of your liking, find a city that you can fall in love with for the next few years.

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