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How to improve your memory?

How to improve your memory?

How to improve your memory?

Your brain needs more that oxygen to function properly, it needs exposure to stimuli, challenges, exercise and much more to keep growing as you do.

Research has proven that your hippocampus, i.e., the memory center is able to regenerate new cells throughout its lifetime, the only thing it needs is tools to keep it active and running. These tools are all lifestyle related, that means your brain needs social interaction every once in a while, it needs to try something new, to face challenges to grow. How’s that, for some food for thought!

We at Make my Assignment have some tips for you to implement in your life to improve your memory:

Eat healthy

Speaking of food for thought, everything you eat or don’t eat affects your body, including your brain. Your brain needs fuel in the shape f fresh vegetables and a healthy amount of fats. You also need to avoid sugar and grain carbohydrates.

Foods such as broccoli, walnut, celery contain antioxidants and protect brain health. You might want to include them in your diet.


Exercising not only improves blood flow to the brain, it also improves your ability to learn. Research shows that individuals who exercise regularly are more likely to learn a new skill faster.

Learn a new skill

Learning something new and purposeful can have several benefits in your life. The first being, it reduces the risk of stress related diseases. The only thing you need to make sure of is that the activity has to be stimulating to you, it has to interest you, keep you engaged. Such an engagement helps your brain break out of a routine (you as well), this can prove to be important for brain growth.

Get enough sleep

Have you ever had a sleep deprived day? The yawn- a- minute kind where you keep forgetting the little things that are usually part of your routine? They are not my personal favorite and also not the most recommend choice of lifestyle.

Your brain needs seven to nine hours of sleep in a day according to experts and you must follow it even if it’s the only thing you do on the list. Also, getting the right amount of sleep reduces the risk of stroke.

Challenge your brain

It is the one consistent formula to improve anything. Challenge it!

Learn a new language, read a mystery, go to the museum, watch an interesting documentary or solve the crossword puzzle, anything! Anything that interests you and wakes up your brain is a great idea. Challenge your brain often.

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