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How creativity complements success in business?

As provided by Albert Einstein- ‘The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination’. In order to be a successful entrepreneur two major aspects are essential for facilitating business in this competitive world- Imagination and Creativity. However, a lot of entrepreneurs have these qualities, but still there is a line of distinction between different entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs can be bifurcated into two groups:

  • Dreaming Entrepreneur: these entrepreneurs are referred to as creative visionary. These people are generally strong on their vision, creativity and are usually passionate about what they do. However, these people are usually weak on attention and pragmatism.
  • Pragmatic Entrepreneur: these entrepreneurs can be referred to as logical organizers. These people are generally strong on planning, details and are able to devise a framework which can help attain success. However, on the other side, these people lack creativity, flexibility, and are not really open with others.

No matter what type of entrepreneur you are, you cannot be an all-rounder but you must emphasize on being your best in whatever work you do. You should be passionate and flexible at the same time. Before you start your business, or if you are looking to kick-start it, then write 20-25 words that describe you the best and then identify if you fit for the purpose or not. If you think you do not fit for the purpose, then look for creative solutions which would require creativity and inspiration to develop a plan which will help you prepare for your goals.

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It is a fact that creativity is prerequisite in business, but there are some elements in your environment which create hurdles in your creative thinking. Hence, it would be effective to consider and evaluate your dream environment. Review your working environment and must clean your office from all kind of negative thinkings and focus on rationalizing, simplifying and systematizing the environment.

You must always believe in yourself and think that “you are the best”. But still if you are not able to approach your goals in an effective manner then, ask yourself the following two questions:

Do you remain isolated? Or Do you work all alone?


This has been the major reason for your downfall because if you will work alone or you remain isolated, you will not be able to incorporate others around you in your business which is the most important aspect in this era of globalization.

You are very well aware of this fact that your business is indeed a successful idea. It is something which complements your future position, but still you are not able to attain your prospective position which is due to the lack of creativity. However, as mentioned above, imagination and creativity goes hand in hand and this facilitates to generate value in your business.

Often people ask how to be creative, and some says that creativity is an inherited character. But in my view, a person can become creative by getting indulged into an environment where not only he/she can find like-minded people, but can enlarge his/her horizons to think out of the box. If someone asks me about creativity, I usually recommend to spend time with nature. Nature can teach you a lot of things which you cannot find it here and there. Nature helps to freshen up your mind and also accelerates your thinking. However, it should not be confused with isolation, rather it is shelling out sometime to spend with yourself and explore your creativity and potential. This will give your imagination, new heights and you will see yourself transforming in your business activities.


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