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Try These Techniques To Teach ODD Students In Your Classroom

Try these techniques to teach ODD students in your classroom

You will come across many kinds of students in your career as a teacher. Some of them will be really bright and brilliant, while some will be lethargic and without any motivation. This has largely to do with the kinds of families that these students come from, and sadly as a teacher, there is not much that you can do to change the attitudes of these students. All that you can do is try some new and effective techniques to teach these kinds of students.

However, there are some kids who may have genuine problems, and as their teacher, it is your duty to look after these kids and make them comfortable in the class. You will come across students who have ODD, or Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Such children tend to show anger, opposition and defiance towards not only the teachers, but towards any individual who possesses authority over them.

Understand them and don’t argue with them

As a teacher, you should be smart enough to understand the simple fact that arguing works like petrol to fire, and it only makes matters worse. If you keep on arguing with your students over something, you will never be able to come up with a solution to the problem.

It is best if you try to understand the students, and also agree with their points of view, rather than having very rigid and fixed opinions about matters.

Reward them generously to motivate them

Rewards can really motivate students and persuade them to improve their overall conduct. At a young age, children look forwards to getting rewards and thus they behave nicely if they know that they would be rewarded for doing so.

Try and appreciate such students in front of the class, tell their parents about their commendable performance, and use other kinds of rewards also to encourage them.

Offer them choices

Students with ODD can find it to be quite tough to attempt certain academic tasks. If you force these kids to perform certain tasks, they would naturally oppose you. This not only harms your reputation, but the students also lose on their chance of learning something new and valuable.

What would be ideal in such a situation is that you assign them to work on their favourite tasks. Also try and come up with interesting methods of doing the same thing, so that students also feel like attempting the task.

Talk to them on a personal level

A lot of students also have personal issues, which makes life tough for them. Added to this problem is the condition of ODD, and as a result, these students feel that no one really understands them. This then has adverse effects on their academic life, and they end up performing poorly in exams, securing low grades, behaving badly with elders and so on and so forth.

Your duty as a teacher is to have a personal talk with these students from time to time, and help them out. All that you need to do its try and find out the problems that the child is facing, and things will automatically start to sort themselves out when these children feel loved and cared for.

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