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How can students Go Green?

We all know the importance of going green. Haven’t we all pledged to be kinder to our planet every time we saw a documentary or read an article about how over utilization of resources is destroying our planet. But this pledge usually loses the race against busy schedules and elemental priorities, and is forgotten soon, until the next time we come across a piece that awakens us for a while again.

As students it’s very important for us to believe in change, of the positive kind, and then to make that change happen. Of course, making any change happen means accommodating many little changes on a regular basis. So, today we have some suggestions for you, some changes that you can make to your life, that will help in bringing about a big change.

How can students Go Green?

How can students Go Green?

Here are some simple ways students can go Green:

Take notes electronically

Education is going digital, it’s time studying followed suit. Take down notes on your tablet, phone or laptop, it’s easier, more convenient and you’re not going to lose them. Also this way you save money on paper, paper that’s going to be thrown out after the semester ended anyway.

Use reusable bags

Keep a reusable bag with you when you go grocery shopping. It’s a better option than the paper or plastic bags the stores have which are just unnecessary and a total waste and which will be thrown out eventually causing more damage than they ever did good.

Power Down

This is something that you’ve heard all your life. When you step out of a room turn off the devices no longer in use. An easy way to do this is to connect your devices to a surge protector and flipping the switch off when you leave the room. It’ll help the planet and your wallet will like you better.

Walk or bike more

Try avoiding taking your car out when you can. Instead take a walk or get a bicycle. You will be able to save a lot of gas money as well as live a healthier lifestyle, no need to pay to the gym anymore!

Use energy efficient light bulbs

Switch your bulbs to CFLs or LEDs. They may seem more expensive but they’ll last longer and they’ll help save energy and cut down your electricity bill.

Think about your water usage

If only you’ll turn the tap off while brushing your teeth or washing your face, you’ll save a significant amount of water. Try taking shorter showers as well, we use an average e of 2.5 gallons per minute. Imagine if you cut down your shower time how much money you’ll save in a year. How’s that for a new challenge!

Support Eco friendly brands

Find out a little more about the brands you are investing on and try to avoid the ones that use cruelty as an ingredient. Support brands who are more responsible in their approach instead. Brands that are doing their small bit to be kind to the planet and the life on it.

Buy less, borrow instead

Buy only the things that you absolutely need and try to borrow the ones that can be shared. Instead to busing DVDs, you can rent them or download the movie.

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