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Reasons you need to start maintaining a relationship with your professor

Whatever subjects you are taking, whatever college you go to, it is important that you stay in favor with your professor. And it doesn’t have to complicated or awkward, you don’t need to be friends with them, just make sure they notice you. There are simple ways of ensuring that too, like greeting your professor in the class, staying active in class, effectively starting a conversation if you happen to see them outside of college, just simple gestures that show respect.

reasons you need to start maintaining a relationship with your professor

reasons you need to start maintaining a relationship with your professor

Why you need to do all that to stay in the good graces of your professor you might ask, here’s why:

You might need advice

Your professor is your best source of advice on all professional and academic matters. They can guide you about future career options for you, the scope for your field, and what the industry is really like since they have insider information like that. They can also give you tips about job hunting, writing a cover letter, writing an impeccable resume or which graduate program you should apply to. Also since a professor who has noticed you will be familiar with your records, performance, strengths, weaknesses and general aptitude, it become easier for him/her to give you better guidance, show you a direction that would suit who you are. But to get real, candid information from your professor you have to have a decent relationship with his/her.

Letter of recommendation

If you choose to pursue a masters after graduation one of the most important thing you’ll need are two to four letters of recommendation. Usually these colleges ask for a letter of recommendation from a former professor instead of an ex-employer because a professor who has taught you will be familiar with your academic abilities and will be able to give a more apt feedback. But you can’t expect a professor you have never spoken to, or who is completely unaware of your abilities, to write you a glowing or any letter of recommendation. For this reason it is best to make that little effort to make sure that your professor not only notices you but also takes you seriously as a student.

You might need a boost

A professor who has seen you working diligently through the semester is more likely to give you a second chance when you mess up. So if you happen to not do too well on your assignment or presentation you an always request them for a do over or an extra credit opportunity or even a feedback on how to do better, a favor that is not granted to just any student. Which means you have stay in your professor’s good books and come across as a responsible, respecting student.

In that sense a student and teacher relationship is based on courtesy, integrity, trust. If you go out of your way to show kindness and respect to your professor you are more likely to be supported by your professor. This support can be in form of career advice, job reference or guidance for an assignment or test.

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