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It’s Okay to be sometimes confused

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Confusion is the beginning of Clarity.

The youth of today seems to be confused than ever before. College students have lot many options to choose from, and this sometimes makes them over thinkers. You must have found yourself in situations wherein despite having too many choices you seem unable to choose one among them. This is not only your story, but every second person is faced with the same dilemma. The possible reason I can see for this confusion is that the youth have a range of varieties available and sometimes they get stuck while choosing the best possible option for them. Earlier, people had little options to choose from and hence; their level of confusions were quite smaller. But with time, things have taken a complicated turn, and simple is considered to be meek and artless. Amidst all this, the youth is stuck, and they take longer than usual time to decide upon anything.

Millennial people have seen a simple life and they try to pass on their wisdom to the youth of today, who consider their elders being outdated and inexperienced regarding new opportunities. The difference of opinion between parents and children has become a trend and school or college going kids consider themselves being more rational and sensible than their parents or elder siblings. However, this post is not focused on a session of wisdom, rather through this post; I want to tell my young readers that it is alright to be confused at times.  Many of you might be facing issues about your career or personal lives and must be feeling dejected, but rest assured that you are not the only one who is facing this problem.

I started this post with a one liner, and I believe in it as I haven’t met someone who knows it all till date. We all have our individual issues, and we all are confused. But, stressing over such things is worth it? No, at least I don’t think so. Some of you may have found your dream career, while others are still struggling and exploring their options. It is entirely OKAY if you haven’t discovered your passion yet. The Almighty has made us different, and so we should celebrate our uniqueness, instead of cribbing or crying over small issues. Your peers may have found their passion and working on it, while you are reconnoitering your potential. This does not mean that you are doing something wrong, but it means that you are still in the self-analysis mode. Let me share my opinion, with my readers. Talk to those friends of yours who know what they want to achieve. You will be amazed that most of them are pursuing something because their parents have conditioned their minds in such way. Here, I am not saying that what they are doing is incorrect, but my point is to make you understand that most of the children pursue careers by their parents’ preferences. While others who do not want to live a standard life go for something extraordinary and take time till they discover their real passion.

Sometimes those who take more time, tend to commit more mistakes. These errors should not be seen as your failure, but stepping-stones towards your immense success. Once you find out your area of interest, then no power can stop you from attaining success, and that success will stay longer with you and will make you happy and contended. Mistakes should be celebrated as they have given you experience and made you wiser than before. If you continue to run in the race of life with others, you will never win, as everyone has their path and dreams. It is not necessarily important that you and your best friend have same interests and both of you should follow the same route. You are born different and therefore; the onus is on you to sustain your uniqueness and appreciate the variances you have than others.

Be honest with yourself, as you are your best critic. You are not answerable to anyone, but yourself. Make sure that the person on the other side of the mirror (that is your inner self) is happy with you and your efforts. Commit yourself fully and put in the best you can to be remarkable.  There is no short-cut to success, but hard work. Be grateful and compassionate, and believe in yourself that sooner or later you will achieve what you wished for.

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