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Follow These Tips To Write Excellent Narrative Essays

Follow these tips to write excellent narrative essays

Narrative essays are basically essays that narrate a short story about an incident or episode; and how that particular event shaped an individual’s life.

Narrative essays are a common piece of academic writing that teachers often assign to the students, so that the latter can work on their writing skills and learn how to express their thoughts in a better way.

It is extremely important that the plot for a narrative essay should be set in the real world, that is, the narrative essay should be about some real world incident. Furthermore, you also have to explain the lesson that you learnt through that incident.

Below are some basic writing tips that could prove to be helpful for you in attempting to write a narrative essay perfectly, so that you can score excellent marks in your academic assignment.

Prewriting is a must for better narrative writing

You can never be a successful writer if you don’t develop the habit of giving a thought to whatever you are writing, and then writing a rough draft of the same. Both of these tasks are crucial especially when you intend to write a narrative essay.

You should thus give ample time to recalling the memories that you have about a particular incident, and then try and remember even the minutest of details about the incident, such as the year, season and the people involved. Moreover, try and recall the setting and objects of the same as well.

If you have an emotional connect with the topic of your narrative essay, you will find it much easier to attempt the task. You should also frame an outline of the essay, before you set out to start working on the original draft. This will really help you to keep the flow of the sequences on track while writing.

Use the first person word at all time

A narrative essay requires you to narrate a story in your own words. Hence, use the first person word ‘I’ at all times, which is the most basic requirement. This will really help you in connecting with your readers.

Give the readers a deep insight into the incident

Let us take the example of a movie to understand this point better. When you watch a movie, you have no prior knowledge about how the character’s life so far has been, and who the character really is. But the director makes sure that you become aware of all this and much more when watch the film.

The same holds true for your narrative essay. Your readers are also unaware of your story, and hence it is your duty to give the right details to the readers, lest they get confused or don’t connect with the story.

Use vivid words to engage the readers in your story

In certain kinds of writing such as a persuasive essay, you need to use simple language, since your main objective is to inform people about some issue. However, in a narrative essay, you have the full liberty to use vivid words to better describe the story. Creative language could engage the readers well into your story, and help you to achieve your objective.

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