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Factors Contributing To The Demise Of Classroom Learning

Factors contributing to the demise of Classroom Learning

The pandemic has brought us all together virtually all because of technology and the internet. People today are so addicted to this that they can’t imagine their lives without it. We can say that humans have become reliant on technology. Even the education system has turned its table towards technology due to pandemic. Online learning has its own advantages for students, and it benefits them in a variety of ways. With the emerging use of online education, can we say that technology has replaced old-school classroom learning?

A classroom is a place where students sit together and learn new skills and values. With the oral presentation of a subject, they get to gain knowledge and various other important aspects. Lectures given in the classroom are a good source of learning.

Classroom lectures have been replaced for many reasons; pandemic alone is not responsible for it. In order to maintain the significance of education, it is very important to employ effective teaching techniques. The classroom is one such place where lecturers teach a large group of students. This pattern has been followed for many years and is very effective. But the question here is, why classroom learning is dwindling these days? Why is this old-age tradition of teaching being replaced by technology?

Classroom lectures today are considered to be a passive method of learning, in which no material is exchanged on part of students.

A typical classroom session is for 40-45 minutes. However, after 20-25 minutes, students tend to lose interest in the subject, and their attention gets diverted. This way, they are not able to concentrate well on the subject.

Many students do not find this learning style appropriate.

The teachers constantly giving lectures to students for long either bore them or makes them feel sleepy.

There’s no space for a virtual learning experience in this teaching style.

Many of us might not consider a classroom lecture appropriate for choreography, arts, sports events, or songwriting.

Why is classroom learning still preferable?

Online assignments and education have given a comfort zone to students, which negatively hampers their learning. In this situation, students often prefer to take help from online assignment writing experts rather than listen to classroom lectures to score marks. Students often find it hard to commute to their college because they utilize this time doing their favorite things. But we can never deny the fact that classroom learning has a special place. This place gives equal attention and opportunity to both students and teachers. A teacher who is also an expert in his subject shares knowledge with hundreds of students, interacts with them and then assigns them a task to assess their skills. Both the teachers and students get to appreciate and motivate each other. Students are even given the opportunity to clear their doubts with the teachers instead of postponing them for the future.

How can teachers develop students’ interests?

Teachers should always try and adapt to new things for students to draw their attention to them. Here are some techniques that can help teachers develop their students’ interests in the classroom.

Play a fun game: In order to retain your students’ interests play fun games with them in the classroom.

Give yourself and the students some break: Taking lectures on a regular basis is a very good thing. But there must be short breaks in between that can refresh your mind as well as that of the students.

Motivate students for their future: Motivate students to achieve and think of their career goals every day. Tell them about various professions and people who have achieved success in this field, such as doctors, engineers, IT developers, teachers and choreographers.

Bring changes in their environment: A change in their surroundings can be very impactful on the lives of students. Because sitting in the same place and listening to various topics can be quite boring. Change the atmosphere for them so that they can develop an interest in learning.

Adapt various learning styles: Teachers must focus on adapting a unique learning style for students. This might help them pique students’ interests.

We all can agree now that classroom learning is diminishing day by day, but no one, not even technology, can ever replace it completely. And if there’s something troubling you with your assignments, feel free to ask our experts for help.

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