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Useful Academic Websites For Students

Useful Academic Websites for Students

Whether you are a school-going student or a college one, everyone loves to spend time on their mobile phones. But there are a lot of positive and negative effects of mobile phones. People who use it make a list of certain websites that they like to watch in their spare time. If we talk about these websites to students, they cannot survive without them. But have you ever heard of some educational websites that can help develop your skills and learning? If you are curious enough to know about them, then you have landed on the right platform.

Here in this blog, we have shared some of the amazing educational websites for students that can help them with their learning.

Educational websites play a crucial role in a student’s life because it helps develop them physically, emotionally, and mentally. There are a number of educational websites on the internet for school and college students. But before using them, make sure that you check their details carefully. Because these days, there are many internet scammers who might put your life in jeopardy.

Khan Academy

This non-profitable organization was established in the year 2008. The reason for its popularity among students is that they offer creative video tutorials to students designed by experts. For example, if you want to learn a concept of biology, you can check out the videos given on their website. They are doing phenomenal work in delivering informative videos to students across the globe. Thus we can say that this website is useful for both students and teachers.


If you are pursuing your engineering or management degree, then this website is designed for you. If you want to learn a new programming language, new technology, or any course taught at the university, then you can easily sign up to this website and learn whatever you want to. After the successful completion of the course at this website, you get to receive a certificate from the organizer. It is said that this website offers a perfect classroom experience to students along with lectures, assignments, and many such presentations.


Quora comes with a unique pattern of question and answer website that was founded in the year 2009. This website is completely free to the public. If you have any queries in your mind regarding any subject, issue, or topic, then this is the best destination for you. For instance, if a student from a science background is willing to find something related to his course can simply sign up for quora and see the responses of people who have already pursued this course. Else you can drop a message to these people and wait for their response.


Are you preparing for the GRE or GMAT exam? Well, then this is the best place for you. We can say that this is the finest vocabulary-building website that can help you develop your vocabulary skills in unique ways. It also comes with a built-in audio system that can help improve your pronunciation. So, if you are willing to work out on your vocabulary, then this website is best for you.


Whenever one speaks about powerful and persuasive speeches, the only name that comes to our mind is TED. It is a collection of the greatest speeches delivered by experts or the best people in the industry. This powerhouse comes with some great ideas and thoughts, and you’ll never be able to keep yourself away for long if you get stuck with it. And if you need any motivation to work, just give a few minutes of your time to this website, and you’ll feel more than overwhelmed.

The Guardian

If you like reading newspapers daily, then this website is designed for you. It is one of the finest pieces of journalism that spreads true and authentic information. The reason for choosing the Guardian over other newspapers is its comprehensive language. Editors here take care of people belonging to different areas and parts of the world. Subscribe to their newspaper if you are willing to enhance your general awareness. Or else you can simply go to their website and read whatever you want.

Now that you are aware of some of the best educational websites do not hesitate to visit one. Apart from this, if you want any kind of academic help for your assignments or papers, feel free to contact our online assignment writing services for professional help and guidance.

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