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Exams Time- Take the bull by the horns

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Students studying in every part of the world are facing the similar dilemma as the exams times have almost arrived. Those who have studied throughout the year may not be facing tremendous stress, but those who were not regular with their studies throughout the year have surely grown anxious by now. This is the time when most of us realize the importance of regular studies and promise ourselves to be consistent with our studies from the next session/ semester. But as soon as the exams go away, the promise also fades, and we get back to ground zero and do not take our studies seriously. This is a repetitive pattern of average students, and with time this pattern can be seen in other areas of their lives as well.

Here, I am not going into any preaching session to bore you but would share some of my secret tricks that I use when I feel under prepared for my exams. Exams naturally increase the anxiety levels and make our minds stagnant and less responsive. The time that has already gone can never return, so there is no point being criticizing yourself or wishing that you would have started studying earlier. It will be a good option to look out for in future, and I suggest that you should learn from your current mistake and try not to repeat it again in future. The tricks that I will talk about are useful, but these should be only used when you could not prepare for your exams due to some genuine reasons. Otherwise, there are no shortcuts to hard work or success. The views shared in this post are the personal views of the assignment expert at Make My Assignments.

  • Do not cry over the past and concentrate your energy on the present situation. If your exams have come and you haven’t prepared well for them, then, first of all, refrain from cribbing over what you could have done in the past, as that time is not going to return, no matter how hard you wish for the same. Try and stay calm and make a power time-table, and try to stick to it.
  • Unlike, a regular day where it is advised for the students to take short breaks in between, here the same is not advisable as you are running short on time. Instead of taking breaks at the end of every hour, you should try and concentrate for a longer time during exams days. Your mind is already stressed, and if you give time to your mind to wander, it will make you more anxious and result in reducing your concentration levels.
  • A friend in need is a friend indeed. Many of your friends may be regular in their studies, and you should not hesitate while asking them for their help. Request your friends to share their notes and ask them for group studies. You can also learn a few topics and can offer your friends on those topics. This way, everybody can learn and do well in exams.
  • Take help online. A lot of study material is available online, and on many websites, students have free access to the learning material. Take the help of online material available and try to understand the concept rather than mugging up the syllabus, for understanding a concept will help you in the long run as well.
  • Think positive. A negative mindset will never help you achieve positive results, and successful people attribute their success to their positive mindset. In tough times, do not let your negative thoughts conquer your will power and stay determined to achieve what you Exams help you evaluating your knowledge, so see them as a challenge and not a burden.
  • Take the bull by the horns. Study the difficult topics in the morning times as your mind is fresh during the morning time. Do not get scared in case you do not understand something, ask your teachers for their support or take help from your elder siblings or family members.
  • One golden rule is to keep your study area clean and tidy. I suggest this technique for ordinary days as well because having a less cluttered studying space makes you feel better and there is no time for distractions.

These tricks will help you pass your exams, but as I mentioned earlier that lasting success could not be earned by mediocre efforts, so do not compromise with your studies and waste all your time on trivial things. Exams are not something to be scared of, but it helps you analyzing where you stand. See exams in the same light and enjoy them rather than taking the stress. Learning is always fun and develops your ways of learning new things. This way you will find it easier to stay consistent with your studies.

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