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Some words anyone can find confusing

English is one of the most spoken language among most parts of the world and widely acceptable as a means of communication, but if you look closely and properly you will many words that seems to be much similar when it comes to the spelling and in pronunciation. They can become the reason for laugh of your friends and classmates if you get them wrong. So in order to avoid these type of situation let us look and learn some of these words for our own good vocabulary only.

Bad and Bed

It’s not like the confusion with the words arise only with the tough words, for your information this confusion is more common with the words we use in daily life.

Bad and Bed is the right example of it. Bad is the word that gets used for something unpleasant or defective.

And you use the word Bed for the piece of furniture you use for sleep. But, confusion between A and E could change the whole meaning, so be aware!


Complement and Compliment

Compliment is the word that is also pretty common. However, many people make the mistake in spelling it.

Complement is the word that refers to adding something to improve.

And Compliment is used to refer to an admiring remark like to compliment someone on their beauty.


Desert and Dessert

The only difference here is of just S but this S difference can change the whole meaning and scenario of the word and situation. You write one S write in the Dessert and your sweets turn into a desert soil. Can’t get it?

Well, Desert is the word that gets used to refer to a waterless empty area.

And Dessert means the sweets you eat after meal like ice-cream or cake.


Principal and Principle

You may also get confused among these words and may not find which one of it is the word you use to call the head teacher of your school.

Well, it’s the first one principal for your information.

And other Principle refers to the fundamental rules or believes.


Sale and Sell

Sale is the word that is used for the act of selling, for example, you get 10% off on sweatshirts on the new year.

Sell is the word that means to exchange something for money.


Lose and Loose

There is not much difference just a difference but one O but his O changes the whole meaning of both the words and each word stands for completely different meaning. We spell them differently and we pronounce them differently, but English speakers still use these words incorrectly.

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Luckily, they’re easy to distinguish.

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