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Difference Between Basic And Applied Research

Difference Between Basic and Applied Research

What’s the one common thing that stands firm between the essay writing or dissertation writing project? Well, most of you will answer this as a no. But in reality, it’s the research process. Whether you write a long-page academic essay or elaborate your thesis for the final assessment, you will have to gather enough information for both aspects, which can only be done with the help of the research process.

Now that we all know of how important it is for us to perform research for every academic project, it is time to be aware of its various different aspects. And in case you are not aware of such aspects, here we have presented a detailed account of basic and applied research. To know more about the differences between the two, read this blog further to be aware of these two types of research.

Basic research

Basic research, which can also be defined as another form of pure research, is the one that emphasizes the process of catering scientific knowledge that can help the researcher understand the topic under a certain natural phenomenon. In simple words, we can say that when the knowledge is acquired for the sake of knowledge, it is termed basic research. The main purpose of basic research is to focus on the general principles and other related theories, where the primary objective is to develop basic knowledge or information. The aim here is to collect information that is universally applicable.

Applied research

When it comes to defining the applied research phenomenon, it generally delves into the real-life application of natural science. It tends to offer solutions to various practical problems and issues and help develop innovative technology. Speaking of it in more general terms, this form of research gets applied to real-life situations and experiences. Here, the main purpose is to analyze a specific set of circumstances. Under this type of research, the analysis obtained is further used to emphasize several conclusions.

Differences between Basic and Applied research

  • Based on Characteristics

Where on one hand, basic research is used to focus on expanding knowledge, applied research offers a practical solution to a defined issue. In simple words, we can say that basic research is more theory-specific and applied research is more practical in life. Basic research is explanatory and analytical in nature, whereas applied research tends to be action-oriented in nature. Basic research is all about the solutions and its focus on the expansion of knowledge, unlike the applied research that works more on the application of research findings.

  • Based on the Research approach

Basic research delves more into the process of theories and improves on existing theories, where the main objective is to contribute to the existing knowledge. On the other hand, applied research tends to be more descriptive in nature. Its main emphasis is on the research outcomes depending upon their usage.

  • Based on the Research Context

When it comes to performing basic research, it generally occurs within a closed research environment like a laboratory. On the other hand, applied research is performed under a real-life setting that is not at all restricted. The former research type allows the researcher to observe the characteristics and behaviors in a strict environment. But the applied research usually uses independent variables to freely communicate with one another under the unrestricted environment.

Before you begin writing any of your academic assignment, it is very important to devote a substantial amount of time to its research. But before performing research, it is also crucial to be well-aware of its types and its processes. This is where the blog comes to the rescue. In case you still find any difficulty in compiling your academic assignments or research projects, feel free to contact our online academic writing services for professional help and guidance.

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