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Common Mistakes That Students Make While Writing Their Essays

Common Mistakes that Students make while Writing their Essays

Academic essays come in many types, which have several different purposes and objectives to serve. But there are some common mistakes that students often make while writing their essays for academics. And in that sense, here, we have presented this blog to help students look at their mistakes in their essays and carefully analyze the content before submission. Be it an academic essay or application essay, each of the essays are important for students, and so it becomes crucial for them to look at its specific needs and requirements.

Let’s take a look at these mistakes in detail to help students avoid them in their essays-

Inappropriate Introduction and Conclusion section

It is very important for writers to start with a hook to keep the readers aligned with their content. But avoid any kind of contradictory statements or arguments in the introduction. Begin with an extraordinary start, and make sure that you end your content well as per the norms and standards.

Issues with the planning structure

When students fail to establish a clear understanding of the subject or the topic they choose, they easily lose focus and connectivity among several different sections of their content that leads to a major cause of the error. Also, this puts them under a lot of pressure, and they are unable to achieve their aim.

Delinquent title

The title is what generally speaks of your content and the essay you write. It is the first thing that your readers are going to read in your essay. In this manner, the title of the essay should be written appropriately to help cater to the readers’ needs.

Running sentences

While writing essays, students often confuse two or more pieces of information and put them under the same sentence that delivers different objectives of an essay. These sentences are often termed run-on sentences and need to be avoided.

Unconnected paragraphs

In order to make the contents of your essay look readable, it is important to create a flow amidst your content that too from section to section. Here, students must look at different topic areas differently and address them independently in body paragraphs, with the first sentence of each paragraph defining the topic sentence.

Improper presentation and page layout

The content alone is the not primary factor of an essay to exemplify its theory; presentation too needs to be looked at carefully. The page layout and the presentation matter equally in an essay when it comes to assessing your work for grades.

Tense errors

Managing the use of tense in content is a very critical issue, and many of us often get confused with its appropriate use. A switch in the use of tense in the content can change your essay’s whole meaning and flow. This might also make your content sound inappropriate, clearly depicting the poor use of grammar.

Punctuation errors

While writing for an essay, we often tend to miss out on punctuating our sentences correctly, causing the reader to misunderstand the content.

Inappropriate referencing

Students often get confused with the kind of references they are told to cite in their content. And this has been the most common issue, where they’re not able to identify the use of correct references.

Misuse of words and phrases

Many times, we often include words without knowing their correct meaning and appropriate usage. In that case, students must always check the meaning and correct usage of those words and phrases before including them in the content.

Spelling mistakes

Finding spelling errors during the assessment often makes your work sound weak and ineffective. In that sense, many students tend to lose their grades because they fail to proofread and edit their mistakes before final submission.

Use of slang

When it comes to writing formally, especially for academic projects, students must avoid the use of slangs in their content. To avoid the use of slangs in the content, they must re-read and revise their content thoroughly before submitting it to the teachers.

Essay writing is an art for students that gives them the ability to share their thoughts and views in writing. It is to beautify the content with a personal touch to help bring out students’ best results in their academics. In case you get stuck with your essay assignments for writing, feel free to contact our online essay writing services for professional help and guidance.

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