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Be At The Top Of Your Game By Updating Your Essay Writing Skills!

Be at the top of your game by updating your essay writing skills!

When it comes to the most basic skills that a student must be proficient in to advance their academic career, the first and the most fundamental one is that of essay writing. Students across colleges and universities are required to write assignments regularly, which are then evaluated and graded thereby impacting their academic and professional futures. This implies, that essay writing isn’t to be taken lightly and students should be working consistently to improve their skills and not hesitate to take help from online assignment help providers.

Key points to help You Write High-Quality Essays

Dominance of Active voice: Use of active voice while writing your essays would make the reader feel more connected to your writing and also keep the sentence’s subject in the responsibility of performing the actions. At, students are encouraged to practice writing in an active voice.

Use of Appropriate Vocabulary: It is highly important that the reader interprets and understands the intention behind the written words. Language plays a crucial part in getting the message across, and hence should be clear and precise. can help with essays free of any vocabulary mistakes.

Avoid Repetition: When in the process of writing longer essays on a particular subject, it is important to keep the reader engaged with the writing. Repetition could make the reader feel disconnected and bored and lose interest. To reduce the wordiness of the essay and avoid repetition, students can use the following tips

  • Replace the words with synonyms to still be able to convey your message to the reader in a more engaging way. This could also be done by replacing the names with pronouns, etc but keep in mind the synonyms used should make sense in the writing
  • A more effective and quick method to avoid repetition may be to highlight all the repetition that is breaking the flow of reading the essay and then underline the important terms and replace the remaining with another appropriate phrase.
  • Another strategy that can be employed to reduce wordiness is by omitting the articles, conjunctions, nouns, etc. wherever possible and expressing your thoughts.
  • Share your essays with us at and we shall help you proofread and come up with the most precise and pleasant-to-read writings.
  • Critical and to-the-point writing: It is easy to go off topic when one begins to write a multi-page essay, but we must remember the purpose of writing the essay and not go astray. If one tends to go on a tangent about a related or unrelated topic, the reader might be left confused and lose interest in the subject. Discard any discussion that is not relevant to your topic.

What should be the structure of the essay?

It is of primary importance that one understands the given topic and the requirements of the task to write an effective essay. The essay should be clear, structured, well-supported, and comprehensively written. An impactful essay may be broadly classified into the following different sections:

The first paragraph comprises the Introduction to the subject.

For most students, this is one of the easiest parts of writing an essay, the mind is clear and focussed and hence one can concentrate on the writing. Essentially, the following two points need to be taken care of while writing an introduction:

  • It contains a phrase that mentions the essay’s key point.
  • This should be followed by 1-3 sentences to present the key points to be used in support of the central topic of the essay.

The second and the subsequent paragraphs comprise the different arguments in order of relevance.

It is important to prepare a rough draft of these 3-4 paragraphs as these will make up the essay’s body. All the supporting arguments must be taken up individually and then be arranged in a logical order just as they are used in the discussion.

  • This arrangement can either be based on the order of significance, starting from the least important to the most important concepts.
  • Care should be taken, so that while presenting the argument, the foundation is laid first and then various sections are discussed, eventually ending with the finishing statements.
  • The sequence of discussion opted should always make sense for the given topic.

The last paragraph is the crux or conclusion of the entire discussion.

It should be concise and reiterate the opening statement in the introduction. The conclusion is essentially made up of two parts:

  • A conclusive statement that serves as a reminder of the intent of writing the essay and the primary concept that was to be addressed for the reader.
  • Another one that justifies the use of the supporting statements made to support the primary thesis of the writer.

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