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Writing An Investigative Report For Academics

Writing an Investigative Report for Academics

Writing a report for your university is not an easy task or as straightforward as you think. As you move forward with every layer of writing, it gets far more complicated than before. Report writing is not just any form of academic writing; rather, it requires extensive groundwork and proper research to be able to present a well-structured report on the topic. This type of academic writing is different from others. It must be able to present a detailed account of the facts of the discipline. Like other academic writing assignments, we need to provide a greater scope of creativity, expression, innovation and eloquence, while for the report writing process, you need to be factual with your data and must present it in empirical form. There is no scope for creative thoughts or opinionated expressions.

Report writing is a very intricate style of writing, where students need to present facts and details without any exaggerations, implications or misrepresentations. The text that you present for your content must be direct and explicit that too without any biased opinions.

In this blog, we will present some of the important aspects of report writing that can help students compile one for their academics.

Fundamentals of a Writing a Report

Investigative research   

Performing research is the most important aspect of writing academic papers. However, when it comes to writing a report, research simply means highlighting the facts. Other academic projects like research papers or dissertations require students to perform extensive research on the topic, but in the case of a report, you just need to state the facts that can be linked with information and statistics. Under this aspect, there’s no need for students to explore the topic thoroughly.

Collation and compilation

The two most essential features of the report writing process are collation and compilation. In order to provide an effective approach in your report, be clear with your objective and collate the facts from vast volumes of data. So, for writing an informative report, students need to present their ordinary judgment and prudence so that they are able to present a straight picture of the situation.

Precise usage of facts and figures

Your report should be linear, direct, and honest, with an effective presentation of facts, figures, and statistics without any bias or judgment. You must report these facts with accurate thoughts and precise guidelines that can help you create a clear picture in the minds of your readers about the subject. A report is not the right place for sharing your own opinions and thoughts, and you do not have the liberty to do so. Therefore, students must adhere to its strict guidelines and rules.

Logical analysis

The facts that you present in your report must be stated in a logical manner. And for doing that, your report must clearly define the scope and extent of your subject and how it can affect the lives of individuals, communities and societies.

Non-hypothetical style of writing

While writing your report, you need to make sure that it is written in a representative style of expression without any prose or poetry. Here, students must strictly adhere to the guidelines mentioned by the university and should follow the pattern and structure as provided by them. It is of prime concern for students to be as direct as possible with their facts. The tone of writing should not fall to be divergent. You need to stick with the purpose of your subject and the aim that you are going to express in your content. Your only purpose should be to present facts in an organized manner.


When it comes to writing a report for academics, citations hold a special place. Since the report is all about writing facts and details, you need to demonstrate the sources from which the facts have been derived. Here, the students must provide a proper list of sources from which they have collected information for their content.

So, this was all about the writing and compilation of an investigative report essay that can help students score well in their academics. Apart from this, if you require help regarding your academic assignments or essays, feel free to contact our online essay writing services for professional help and guidance.

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