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7 Benefits of having a pet

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Pets are great friends, and this fact needs no validation. Kids and grown-ups, both can enjoy the company of pets as the latter are loving and are truly devoted to their masters. It has been proved scientifically also that those who have pets are happier than those who don’t. Though the animals cannot speak or share their feelings, the way they express their love and devotion towards their masters is commendable. The little gestures displayed by these creatures to show their affection are enough to cheer up the mood of their masters. It has also been found that having a company of pets speed up the recovery of patients with acute illness. As they say that ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away,’ similarly having a pet at home saves you from many mental disorders as these fellows are always there to accompany you and they do not ask much in return, except love and care. There have been a lot of benefits of keeping a pet at home, some of which are discussed below.

  1. Enhances your mood instantly- When you reach home after having an exhausting day, you will find your pet waiting for you at the door. The sight of this little buddy is enough to make you forget the exhaustion, and their innocent face will lighten up your mood.
  2. Best stress busters- Pets help you deal with emotional turmoil. The levels of stress have been increased substantially and sometimes we might get offended by our friends or family members. In such times, your pet would be your saving grace that through its simple gestures makes you feel better.
  3. Provides emotional support- Humans have become more practical and are indulging into cut-throat competition. Humans, these days have forgotten the concept of unconditional love and friendship. Emotions have been replaced by pragmatism, which has given rise to emotional discord amongst people. Pets, however, are saved from this nasty competition, and they are still more human than us. Therefore, pets support you and make you feel more contented and worthy.
  4. Keeps you fit- Having a pet is not only good for your mental health, but they also keep their owner physically fit. Owners have to take their pets out for a walk, which eventually helps them keeping fit physically. Also, the games that you play with your pets are a good exercise to keep you in shape physically.
  5. Improves your social life- Going for a walk with your pet is a good way to make new friends, as you may meet other people who have come for a walk with their pets. Some of these friendships can last longer than usual, and you may meet your partner during any such encounter.
  6. Keeps your heart healthy- Several studies have been conducted in this regard, and it has been found that having a pet dog lowers the risk of heart attacks and makes your heart stronger. Taking care of dogs reduces the dangers of depression and motivates people to stay happy and active.
  7. Lessens risks of allergies- Once you pet a dog, your body becomes immune to various allergies and flu, which will reduce the chances of catching skin or breath related infections. Even, if your mother has lived with a dog while carrying you in her womb, your resistance levels to allergies increases and you are less likely to develop asthma or eczema.

Pets make great friends, and there are several benefits of keeping a pet. They not only take away your loneliness, but their presence gives strength and courage to their owners to face tough situations and deal with some serious diseases. They may not reciprocate the way humans do, but pets try every trick to keep their owners happy. Once you spend some quality time with your pets, the bond created between the two is difficult to break. The people who cannot keep cats, dogs, hamsters, etc. .in their houses may try to keep fishes in a fish tank or fish bowl as they are good for your mental fitness

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