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How to ace public speaking?

Public speaking is an important quality for a leader to possess. You might think that it’s a talent that one is born, or that shy people can’t be as influential speakers as extroverts, think again. We at Make My Assignment believe that there is no talent that can’t be honed. All you need is determination and perseverance.

You are not alone if you suffer from stage fright or anxiety about public speaking, research shows that 75% people go through it. So, it no reason to undermine yourself, it is also not logical to let it stop you from trying. Here are some tips for all you dreamers who want to try and acquire a new talent:

How to be an ace public speaker?

How to be an ace public speaker?

Know yourself and believe

Before you set out to influence a set of audience it is important to yourself and embrace it. Let whoever you are conquer the stage, people don’t want to see a mimicked version of you they want to the original you. If you are funny, be funny, it you are authoritative, be authoritative. Be yourself on stage, it will be different from everything else out there.

It is also important to believe in what you are saying, only then can you hope to convince your audience to change their way of thinking. So, know your story straight and make sure you make it as honest as possible.

Practice in front of a mirror

This is an advice that we’ve been hearing since forever, haven’t we? But what better place to start than home and who better to convince that yourself. So, make this habit, talk to yourself in the mirror. Make eye contact, watch your expressions for you are your best critic. You’ll soon be able to see a change in yourself and you’ll know where you need to improve.

Join a performance group

Well, because you can’t forever keep talking to yourself! Join a performance group, whatever interests you and makes you feel confident – like singing, dancing, a poetry club! One, such a class will help you express yourself, two, it will help you lose your inhibitions and nervousness. You will eventually learn to perform in front of a peer group, which is development already after the mirror!

Know your audience

This well help you feel better prepared. Know who are talking to and prepare accordingly. You need to know the following about your target audience – their size, their attention span, what are they expecting from you etc. These things will help you tackle your audience affectively. Remember a younger audience will need more engagement and less preaching than an older audience. So do your research.

Know your content

This one is a bit obvious. But just to make things clear, you need not memorize each and every word, you just need to know what you are talking about and also as I said earlier believe in what you are saying (that way even if you get nervous, you can tell yourself you know what are talking about!). You can make key points that you need to keep in mind, put them in a structure that you’d like to follow and go over it multiple times.

Another advice that you can follow is don’t keep revising your speech two minutes before going on stage. Calm yourself right before your performance, last minute skimming will only confuse you.

So, good luck people. Trust me, try the things that scare you they are all the more satisfying and don’t let one setback stop you from making more mistakes. Remember, you can’t be Marc Antony the first time you try, we’re pretty sure he took his sweet time to become awesome.

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