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Writing A Complaint Letter

Writing a Complaint Letter

Whether its an employee writing letter to his management or a student sending in some complaint regarding the faculty or service issue, each one of us is bound against the terms of writing a complaint letter in our lives. The format and the body structure of such letters are quite complex, which is why students need to focus them well during their academic career for writing perfect letters.

In case of students, complaint letters are quite an important aspect of their academic performance, where they’re assessed based on such assignments. Therefore, students must be aware of its whereabouts and writing structure so that they can write the letter in an appropriate manner. Writing complaint letters in the academic aspect prepares students for their professional career and future opportunities. Each of us must be aware of what complaint letter is and how it needs to be formatted, as this helps people show their dissents with regards to any present or past situation, especially when the rules are not followed under any given circumstance. This is the major reason behind the growing importance of complaint letters in our day to day lives.

Components of an Effective Complaint Letter

Address of the office or company: You need to provide a valid address of the company or office at the beginning of your letter. It is a way of beginning a formal communication with the person concerned.

Date on the letter being addressed: You must write the date on which the letter is written and delivered to the right person. This is one of the most important elements of a complaint or any other formal letter. The date helps determine the fact of how much time was/is taken for implementing the course of action for betterment.

Subject of the letter: This is where you make your readers aware of the situation or the main reason for writing a letter to them. The subject is what defines the context of your letter and whether the matter provided to the concerned person is serious or not. An interesting or appealing subject line urges the reader to read your letter further. On the other hand, if it’s not written well, you might lose the chance of being addressed at times. This is why writing an appropriate subject line for your complaint letter is an important consideration for the complainant.

Greetings to the person concerned: The complaint letter is always written in a very polite and formal manner. And if you fail to greet the person concerned in your letter, this might also mean the failure of not achieving your target for the issue being raised in the letter. The tone of your writing sets the mood of the person reading that letter, so be careful while writing one to the higher authorities.

Name of the writer: Always remember to write your name at the end of each letter, whether its a formal or an informal one. The signature of the writer is also needed for self-attestation and acknowledgement.

Tips for writing a perfect Complaint Letter

Be clear and concise; The complaint letter must be written in such a manner that the contents appear quite appropriate and pleasing to the eyes of the readers. From the beginning till the end, i.e., from highlighting the main points to writing the conclusion, the letter must be written in simple and short sentences for better comprehension on part of readers.

The writer must mention all the issues and problems associated with their complaint in the letter. You can also suggest some valid solutions to those queries that can help resolve the situation.

The tone of the complaint letter should always remain as polite as possible. Never write with an angry mood, as this might ruin the very purpose and context of your letter while writing.

Your complaint letter must include all the necessary files and documents for validation.

You must also mention all the necessary data and details regarding the issue in your complaint letter. From the name of the person concerned to the name of the institution and other necessary contact details, all these are considered to be the major essential source for a complaint letter.

Never forget to describe the problems and difficulties regarding your issue in the complaint letter. From key dates to all the events that occurred during the discourse need to be mentioned accordingly as per the requirements of your complaint letter. Apart from this, if you require any kind of help regarding your academic assignments and projects, feel free to contact our online assignment writing services for professional help and guidance.

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