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Why Is It Essential For Students To Unplug Themselves From The Digital Life?

Why is it essential for students to unplug themselves from the digital life?

The era today can rightly be defined as the digital era, in which every second person is heavily dependent on digitisation and the internet. Perhaps the greatest invention of this digital era is the internet. These days, almost every phone is a smartphone and has access to the internet.

This ‘internet explosion’ that the world is witnessing has numerous advantages in our day to day lives. Issues that once seemed to be out of one’s league and appeared to be daunting can now be solved at the click of a finger. The world has become a smaller place, and people have come closer to each other, thanks to the modern technology. On the flip side, however, this digitisation is pushing people, especially youngsters, towards anxiety issues, mental and emotional stress, depression, hypertension, and other physical, emotional and psychological sufferings.

Negative consequences of digitisation

Smartphones, laptops, computers and tablets have become an indispensable part of a student’s life. In fact, students cannot even imagine a single day of their lives without these gadgets. But at the same time, one cannot deny that this has just ended up making them lazy and arrogant. Students have started to use the internet mainly for other activities such as watching videos, playing online games, chatting, etc., and this has ended up making them an addict to the internet. Consequently, these gadgets have become a student’s best friend, but in reality, they are no less than their enemy.

Major health issues and negative consequences that have been witnessed in students in these days include loneliness, depression, lack of concentration, stress, anxiety issues and lower grades. Students stay hooked to their phone chatting with their friends, and as a result, they cannot attend regular classes in college and miss out on their attendance and marks.

Benefits of unplugging from the digital world

If you believe that disconnecting from the digital world will not benefit you in any way, then try it for a day and see the results for yourself. Spending quality time with your near and dear ones can instantly uplift your mood, and cheer you up. Thus, this would refresh you, and give you the strength and courage to tackle the daunting issues of the day at hand.

Believe it or not, social media does make a person dissatisfied. Seeing others wandering around and shopping and eating makes one discontent and thus saps out all positive energy. Unplugging will make you feel good and happy!

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