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COVID-19 And Online Education

COVID-19 and Online Education

COVID-19 and online education here doesn’t mean that we’d be talking about something normal, as special circumstances call for special discussions and attention. The pandemic and its long term impact have enforced the closure of classroom education, which is why many universities, colleges and schools have been shut for a very long time. Because of this, we could witness a close relationship between COVID-19 and online learning.

As the discussion further goes by, it is important for students to learn that online/remote education has become a part of their day. Here, students get to access different online learning material, attend remote lectures and complete their online projects and assignments via e-learning platforms.

There are a great number of edtech platforms offering e-learning services to students during the pandemic. Also, many educational apps are setting their forefront in this virtually build relationship between students and education, helping them grow virtually in the form of online lectures and written examinations. Thus, we can say that COVID-19 and education go beyond the bounds of mere discussion and is to stay for long.

Seeing the present situation, the objective of e-learning is said to create a balance between COVID-19 and education, to help students learn things remotely. If you are a student and worried about your education during the COVID-19 crisis, take a quick look at this blog, where we have highlighted a few amazing e-learning platforms to help bridge the gap between COVID-19 and education.


If you are stuck amidst this COVID-19 crisis and struggling with your education, then Coursera comes at the rescue for you. With the help of this platform, you get to access free content online as well as can avail certain degrees or certificates from prestigious universities and companies.

If you pursue your education from Coursera, you’ll surely be recognized by many employers because the courses offered here are accredited by top universities. Students are offered an opportunity to explore more than 3900 courses, with specializations in language, business, computer science, arts and humanities, social science, data science, and so on. As an accomplished edtech platform, it provides in-depth learning by various means. This includes creative videos, quizzes, online assignments and projects.


If you are eager enough to learn something about the language of data, then this is the best platform for you. DataCamp offers different short videos prepared by experts that are based on real-life problems. You get to explore more than 300 courses in the field of data and can also learn various technologies such as Scala, R, SQL, Git and Python.

Apart from this, it also offers courses in Data manipulation, Machine learning, Data engineering, Applied finance and Data visualization.


This one’s the most amazing and engaging e-learning platform for students that is striving hard to ensure educational continuity even in the times of COVID-19 crisis. With over 100,000 video courses, this comes out with the most affordable pricing structure.

The course fields offered by Udemy are as follows- Finance and accounting, IT and software, Business, Development and Marketing. Along with this, its users get lifetime access to Udemy’s edtech website and app so that they can learn at their own pace.

The e-learning industry has witnessed a stark rise in its overall development and spread during the COVID-19 crisis and is all said to rise more in the near future with its phenomenal edtech services. Which is why we can say that e-learning platforms have somehow balanced the relationship between the COVID-19 crisis and education. With the traditional education being abandoned during the pandemic, it would have been quite difficult to survive if online education wouldn’t have shared the stage for the same. Although it is hard to replace the learning mechanisms offered to students by the classroom education stage, the e-learning platforms have somehow balanced the whole situation here so that education goes hand-in-hand even during the crisis.

Now that you find it difficult to strive with your education during the pandemic, head straight to our website and get to know more about our online academic services and its special benefits. Also, if you require help regarding your online assignments or projects, feel free to contact our online assignment writing services for professional help and guidance.

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