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Why Is It Difficult For Students To Submit Assignments Before Deadline?

Why is it difficult for students to submit assignments before deadline?

There is never a good reason or excuse that students can put up for late submissions of their assignments. They often bring up the silliest excuses and things before teachers that can put them in great trouble for not submitting assignments before the deadline. Though assignments are an essential part of academic life, but students often land such things in the last-minute category, forcing them to ask teachers for its extension dates.

Since childhood, we all have been avoiding the notion of ‘Do It Now’ concept that makes us finish our task earliest, if not immediately. For a student, assignment submission is a crucial and recurring task, which is why they are often told to submit one before the deadline. Students who submit their assignments late, often end up in troubles like scoring bad in academics.

There are many reasons behind their story of not submitting their assignments on time, and at times most of them are quite relevant to their situation. So what are these reasons or causes that stop them from submitting assignments before the deadline?

Often a new shift in life, from an otherwise pampered lifestyle, new routines, new cultures and too many firsts that students have never witnessed before, happen during the transition period of their life. There are also concerns regarding their coursework, finances, new relationships and a million other reasons that can pose them in such a situation.

The first reason why students miss their submission dates is ‘procrastination.’ They think that assignments can wait, but other things happening around them cannot. Whether it’s about going to a party, watching a movie or attending some fest, they think that all these things in their life are more important than their assignments. Procrastination is what stops most of you from doing important things in life. We often leave the work that seems boring or uninteresting to us and think that it might be done later after a few weeks. The same goes for the process of assignment completion as well. We think that we’ll complete our assignments the day before submission and there’s no hard work to complete it. This practice often puts up in trouble because at the end; there might be things before submission dates that can stop us from completing the work on time.

The second reason for late submissions is the cause of ‘unforeseen events.’ This is one of the most common yet not so good excuses for handing work on time. However, there could be many personal constraints like accident, illness, prior commitments or lack of concentration that can stop you from completing the work before the deadline. Apart from this, there could be many resource constraints as well, including, power outage, reference material being locked up, website going down and so on.

When one finally sits to complete his assignment for academics, there are also many other factors that emerge out of the horizon. This includes- Do I have the required knowledge on my topic? Did I get the correct question, or was it invalid? Do I have the resources, including the time to work upon? Will I ever be able to complete my assignment before the deadline? Isn’t it too long to perform, or should I stop for now?

To avoid the answer to such questions, we often delve ourselves in the practice of buying assignments online. At times, relevant reasons and situations are appropriate for this cause. But, when someone goes for it just for the sake of doing and avoiding their work, it seems a bit wrong in the eyes of your teachers. Also, when we are told not to hire any assignment experts for our homework, we copy our content from other sources to avoid any last-minute worries or wastage of time. However, most of the universities specially mention in their guidelines about avoiding plagiarism in work. Because they think that plagiarism is not the solution for every work, rather its a highly unethical practice.

After passing through all these barriers and hurdles in academic life, other things that often haunt students is the mode, language and style of writing. We often think that whether our work is quite precise or too verbal. In this situation, attending regular lectures is the only solution to avoid any mistakes made in your assignment. This makes you aware of all the practices involved in assignment writing and the things needed for its completion and timely submission.

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