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The digitization of the education is having a great impact on the traditional method of education. Now there is no need to go to the traditional classes as the digital classes provide all the benefits of traditional classes plus also provides additional benefits too. The digital classes are fast and portable. You can study from anywhere. The digitization has struck Australian business schools because the massive inline course has opened its gates of education.

What is the reason behind the popularity of digitization?

The reason behind the popularity is that it is using advanced technology. Use of new and smart technology has made learning process convenient as a student can take online courses from anywhere without actually going to the school, college or the university.

Technologies like video conferencing have made interactions with the teachers very easy. What happens in a traditional classroom is that the teacher can’t focus on the students individually because of the strength of the students in a class. Through an online education course, a student is able to contact the teacher face to face. He or she can ask the doubts individually. The student-teacher interaction is increased.

The technology helps in making our lives simpler. Through the evolvement of technology, many difficult tasks can be completed in a small amount of time.

Why students prefer online education?

As we discussed above, a student and a teacher interaction occur on a large scale in an online education system. Nowadays, all the students are technosavy students. They like technology a lot and want to use one even while studying. The Australian business schools are focusing on those people who frequently change their location in a job or those persons who have insufficient time to attend the traditional course’s classes. These people can select that course which they want to pursue form a school who follow digitization. This makes their life so much easy. If they are at work but o work is assigned to them at their work, then they can go to the online business school website and start studying online while sitting in their cabin at work.

In spite of the fact that the American business schools have already invested some money in making online classrooms on the campus in order to carry video conferencing with each table having a microphone with the computer.

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