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Teaching is a great profession. You get up early every day, get ready for school and spread your knowledge to the students. Many teachers enjoy this profession and they also need to face some problems also. There are few students in the class who does not give respect to their teachers. The reason behind student not respecting the teacher is mainly due to the fact that some of the students are not emotionally stable. If a student is facing such situation, it’s your responsibility to come up with a way to understand that student better.

One advice to you is that, do not take these words or statements given by these students personally. After all, you are the person who will guide that student and place him or her on the right path. You play a significant role in guiding the student and helping him or her in achieving their desired goals. We will discuss some of the important tips which can help you in understanding the tough student.

Show gratitude to the tough students:

Showing gratitude to the difficult students can prove much helpful for you in improving their classroom behaviour. You can try starting the day by welcoming them and can use some nice words to appreciate their efforts. This way they will feel connected and motivated and would be able to do well in the class.

Treat your worst student in the same way as the best:

As a teacher, it is your duty to be impartial and treat all your students in the same way because it can give the wrong impression to other students if you shower praise only on one or two students. Students who are going through some emotional problem give much thinking to it. So, it is very important for you to treat all the students fairly.

Send a positive card to the students:

You can also try sending a positive email or note to student’s parents to inform the parents about the positive changes in the student’s behaviour. You should show it to the student before sending it and ask him or her what would be the right time to send it.

It was an effort from our side to provide you with some tips for handling tough students. I hope that this article proved to be helpful for you. There can be many reasons for a student’s wrong behaviour, it can be that he or she is having family problems or any other personal problems. These can severely affect a student’s behaviour. So, try to understand a student and guide him or her accordingly.

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