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Want To Make Money During The Summer Break? Get In Touch With These Companies To Make The Most Of Your Vacation

Want to make money during the summer break? Get in touch with these companies to make the most of your vacation

Summer time is relatively free time, since you are free from school and daily homework. Thus, you can do things that you could not have done during the term time. And if you can make some money in this free time, then nothing could have been better than this! Part time jobs in the summer breaks are an excellent way to hone existing skills, and to develop new ones, while earning considerable amounts of money at the same time.

Many companies out there offer the same kinds of opportunities to students and teachers in the United States. So read on to find out more about these companies which could be an excellent platform for you to polish your skills and make some quick money.

Happy Swimmers

Could there possibly be a better way to spend your summer break other than having some fun in the water? If you are a water baby and you love swimming, then Happy Swimmers is the best place for you. This organisation basically provides private swimming lessons, and they are on the search for unique teachers who have patience, and are compassionate as well. But of course, the main criterion is that you should be able to handle young swimmers well, and should be an excellent swimmer yourself.

Connections Academy

A lot of students wish to develop their teaching skills during their summer holidays, while earning money at the same time. This is actually an excellent idea since you could then find it really easy to prepare your lecture plans and also get some new and interesting ideas for the next semester.

Connections Academy is a company that hosts online public schools, and connects you with students at your home.

Varsity Tutors

A lot of students take tuitions during the summer break in order to sharpen their skills, or to prepare for their entrance exams. Varsity Tutors specializes in helping these students.

The organisation also connects you with the same types of students, and you could then give them lessons at a time you find more convenient. And the best part is that you could easily earn around $20 per hour for the same job.


YMCA is famous for organizing summer camps for kids of all age groups during the summer break. Students and teachers are free to join YMCA as a camp counselor in their free time. This job gives you ample space and time to stay laid back, and yet enjoy at the same time; something which is not possible with school teaching.


Chinese kids who are living in the US need the right kind of exposure to the English language in order to thrive in the modern world. VIPKID is one such educational organisation that helps Chinese kids in the same.

You can also play a significant role in setting the base for the academics of such students by teaching these students, and also earn some quick bucks at the same time.


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