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Types Of Poetic Devices

Types of Poetic Devices

Got stuck with a poem? Want to know more about it and some poetic devices? Then this blog is the right place for you.

When it comes to defining poetic devices, they are basically a form of literary device used in poetry. A poem is generally built up of poetic devices along with the elements of grammar, visual, structure, verbal and rhythmic aspects. Poetic devices are an essential tool that poets use to intensify the meaning of their poems, mood, or feeling or to create rhythm.

Here, we will talk about the ten most important poetic devices used by poets in their poems. Let’s have a look at it-


It appears at the end of every stanza as a line of verse. In simple words, we can say that it includes the repetition of a phrase, line, or group of lines that are used at a particular interval throughout the poem. With the help of the refrain, poems are made catchy and easy to remember for readers. It is generally included at the end of the stanza.


Poets use this device to create sounds that are appealing to the readers. It unifies the purpose of a poem. The congruence of two or more words with similar-sounding syllables is placed together to create an echo effect.


It occurs when consonant sounds are repeated at the beginning of words or in some stressed syllables. In most of the cases, the repetition of initial vowel sounds is also called alliteration.


When we compare one thing with another, we call it a metaphor.


It shows the repetition of diphthong or vowel sounds in one or more words that are found close to each other.


This is the most commonly used poetic device. Here, the subject is described by comparing it with another subject or object. Comparison can be made using words like ‘as,’ ‘like,’ etc.


The word here sounds like what it refers to. This means that the combination of letter sounds in the word further imitates natural sounds of some action or object. Onomatopoeia words represent many languages.


It is presented in the form of a figurative speech, which gives an intentional exaggeration for comic or emphasis effect. This one is commonly used in romantic poems, where the lover expresses his admiration for the beloved.


One of the well-known poetic devices; where animals, plants, and other inanimate objects are often treated as human beings. This means that when the poet uses this poetic device in their poem, it indicates the content full of imagery and description.


Another significant part of the poetry device refers to the tone of the poet that is built up through the writing. This can be expressed through the character’s emotions, feelings, actions, and intentions. Thus, we can say that the poem’s story design, language, mood, or atmosphere is built according to the poet’s attitude.

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