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Topics that can help you get started with your next Politics Dissertation


A final year project or say dissertation, as a form of assessment differs from other modules. For a dissertation project, you take responsibility for your own learning, and then you produce a literature review, you also choose a method for undertaking study, write up the findings and discuss the outcomes in a different section. The discussion part of your dissertation provides you with a better understanding of the following-

  • What is a dissertation?
  • Why is there a need to do dissertation?
  • What your dissertation may look like?
  • How to set your initial reading and writing?

As a student, you may have realized the complexity of writing a dissertation paper. First of all, it is a very time-consuming process. And in situations, where students find free time as a luxury, dissertations may come out as their worst nightmare. Secondly, it also requires a huge amount of research work to prepare an excellent dissertation. And this puts enormous pressure on the student. Besides this, there are also many other challenges that a student face while writing a dissertation. This can include lack of information and knowledge, stringent deadlines, and inadequate writing skills that create difficulty for students to write their dissertation. In such situations, if you are given the liberty to choose the dissertation topic for yourself, it may reduce a little stress on your part.

While you may be given options for your dissertation topic, but it still adds a little pressure for you as you have to choose the right topic amongst the whole list. Since it is a dissertation paper writing, you cannot risk your grades with it. So you need to be sure about choosing the best out of the rest to grab most of the attention of your readers.

If you have politics as one of your subject’s at university, you may be aware of the fact that it covers a considerable area of the political world, and if you need your dissertation to be compelling enough, then you need to spend a considerable amount of time on research for a perfect topic.

Here, we have assembled a number of politics dissertation topic ideas for you that may save you from the trouble. The topic ideas we mentioned may not cover all the areas of the political field, but this may help you get an idea about the ideal topic that you might be searching for.


  • Why USA never had a female president?
  • The role of modern technology in the political sphere
  • How has the evolution of media and the internet changed the practice of election campaigns?
  • Is there a need for political transparency among various political groups?
  • What role does the government play in making a country corruption-free?
  • According to you, what is the significance of having only one official language in a country?
  • Understanding the role of media during elections
  • Would it be considered the government’s responsibility to reduce the practice of lotteries and gambling?
  • Does the government have a say in the case of religious establishments?
  • What according to you are the biggest threats to ‘Australia’s foreign policy?
  • Can democracy be considered as the best way to run the government?
  • The effects of same-sex marriage on political campaigns since 2010
  • Should the citizens of a country be allowed to learn about the wealth of corrupt politicians who are governing their country?
  • Explain the political changes that took place in the late 20th century Australia
  • Prepare an analytical study on ideology versus competence in the grounds of politics
  • How has the phase of Neo-fascism affected 20th century Europe?
  • Does the government have a right to censor the internet?
  • The role of the Australian government in eradicating unemployment in the country
  • Compare and contrast between Social reforms and Conservatism
  • Do you think that the rapid economic growth of China poses a threat to the US?
  • Do you think that the Chinese model of Capitalism is challenging the Western view?
  • What role do the Western countries play in resolving Arab-Israeli issues?
  • How has the terrorist act of 9/11 affected international relations between middle-east and western countries?
  • What are the significant factors that have favored the Conservative party?
  • Prepare a comparative study on the democracy in Parliamentary republics as well as the Presidential republics
  • How does the US foreign policy influence the various other nations of the world?
  • Discuss the development of nuclear power in the Middle-east in relation to US foreign policy
  • Compare and contrast between the ‘UK’s Bicameralism and ‘Bulgaria’s Unicameralism
  • A study on interest groups and modern governments on the grounds of collaboration and coercion
  • Why are countries like Iraq and Afghanistan punished while Russia and China are allowed to get away with infringements of international law?
  • Critically analyze the relationship between democratic government and media

As you can see, these topics cover some of the most interesting areas of politics, and if you want to score better in your academics, you also need to pick up a compelling topic for your dissertation.

While choosing the topic for your dissertation or any other assignment, you need to make sure that there are many other areas that you need to consider. So, here we have mentioned some of the tricks for you that may help you before choosing the topic for your dissertation.

Choose a familiar topic

If the students are not aware of the topic given to them for a dissertation, they face difficulty during the whole process. So, it is beneficial for students to choose a familiar topic before.

Do consider the Reader’s preference

While choosing a topic, you need to keep this thing in mind that you are writing this for your readers. Always choose a topic that may interest your readers and would grab most of their attention.

Try choosing a debatable issue

Apart from considering the needs of Reader and yourself, you also need to make sure that the topic selected for your paper is a debatable one. The topic should be the one that involves some part from the current issue and is recently trending. If you offer something new to your readers, they may develop more interest in your study.

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