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The Importance Of Social Media

The importance of social media

Yes, you read it right! This article actually talks about the benefits of social media, and why being active on social media platforms is not only beneficial, but also important for you.

A lot of essays and articles talk about how social media has altered the lives of children today, and the general conclusion that can be derived from these texts is that social media has done more harm than good. This is precisely why teachers and parents condemn children and teenagers who spend their free time on social media, and they advocate other sources of entertainment instead.

What parents and teachers often fail to understand is the importance of adapting oneself according to one’s changing environment, in order to ensure that one does not remain left out or unaware of the latest advancements. Social media helps to achieve this goal, by ensuring that the user stays up to date, and is well aware of the happenings of the world.

The importance of social media in today’s time

Human beings are social animals. They crave companionship and friendship, and long to share their feelings, emotions, opinions and thoughts with other. Every individual is born with the right to converse and connect with another. Social media helps them to fulfill this objective. It makes sure that people remain in close contact with one another and are aware of what the other is doing.  In the present scenario, when everyone is so occupied with their own jobs and personal life, no one has time to spare to go out and meet others. This is where social media comes to the rescue. It not only helps people to stay connected, but friends and relatives who had long ago stopped all interaction and communication get a chance to reestablish their relation again, and remain in touch with one another.

Why are teenagers attracted to social media?

It is only the internet and social networking websites that have made it possible to connect with friends, family and loved ones. Earlier, people connected with one another through letters, and then moved on to phone calls. Both of these methods were cumbersome, and took a lot of time and effort. Consequently, communication through these processes was slow and uninteresting. Thanks to social media websites, people can talk to each other in real time, and even see each other through video calling, despite being in two different continents!

Additionally, the internet has also made learning very easy and more interesting. All information is available and accessible at the click of a button, and teenagers are free to read and learn about their area of interest via the internet. Social media then helps these enthusiastic teenagers to meet like-minded people through the means of communities and forums, and people frequently exchange their works and ideas on such platforms. This makes the learning process fun-filled and interactive, and also broadens one’s mind and perspectives.

How to make sure that the boons of social media do not turn to a bane?

Social media is no doubt very advantageous, but it does not take long for the negative effects of social media to show through. That being said, if one is careful while using social media, then he or she can take full advantage of the platform, without falling into any deadly trap. First and foremost, keep in mind that an excess of everything is bad, and so is the case with social media. Therefore, keep a tab on the number of hours you spend on social networking platforms. Secondly, it might seem very alluring to go online and talk to different people, but one should steer clear of strangers. Cyber crime is increasing with each passing day, and it is better to be safe than sorry. Also, do not share your social media passwords with anyone, no matter how close the person is. Make sure that your privacy settings are on, and also take all other necessary precautions.

Happy surfing!


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