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Free Online Education Platforms

Free online education platforms

Education is of immense importance to mankind, and its role in the development of civilizations and their growth has been recognized by all. This is why schools and colleges are determined to provide quality education to students, so that they can grow into erudite and responsible adults, and work for the betterment of their country.

Not only traditional schools and colleges, but a lot of educational platforms online are also working hard day and night to achieve the same objective. With the emergence and growth of technology; online education, distant education and online assignment help providers have become a rage. They have come up with new and interesting ways of learning, which are getting a positive feedback by the students.

In fact, there are some sites on the internet that provide online education free of cost to the students who want to increase their knowledge levels and grow further.

Academic Earth

Academic Earth enables students to learn various subjects such as business, computers, mathematics, science, etc. Besides, it provides students with degrees from famous universities such as Columbia University, Princeton University, New York University, etc; so you don’t have to worry about that as well.


Even though Udemy charges to provide online education to students, it has also come up with a few courses that are available free of cost. Over 11 million students are engaged online with Udemy and are learning online each day, and the website offers more than 40,000 courses to the students. So if you are someone who wants to add something extra to your skill set while you are pursuing your higher education, then Udemy is the place for you.

Open Culture

This online education site has over 1200 different courses available on its website! You can choose whatever course you like the best, and also get access to 700 free audio books and free language courses. Thus, if you are not going to college; apply for some course on this website and learn from the comfort of your home.


This free online education platform allows you to choose the most suitable course for yourself from over 750 options that are available on the website. Alison has its services in 250 different countries, and has a record of teaching 7 million people all across the globe.


If you are in love with computer science and you wish to code and program all day long, then opt for a course from this online education portal. Simple Google ‘Code’ in your browser, click on the link to the website and gear yourself to learn the craft of app writing and coding!


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