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The Fear Of Reading Text Books And How To Overcome It

The fear of reading text books and how to overcome it

Parents are often under the impression that their children very well know what to do while studying, and that they are self sufficient when it comes to handling studies and facing exams.

This is where most of the parents go wrong. A child needs proper guidance to actually understand the process of studying, and how to go about it. He or she should be explained about the relevance of studies, the importance of reading text books, and how studies can be implemented in real life. Unfortunately, since a lot of parents do not do this, children end up finding odd ways to study and pass in exams. Consequently, they do not inculcate the habit of reading their text books thoroughly, and eventually they dread doing it.

Reading is very easy, and can be a really amazing experience. Here are some tips to amend the reading habits of your child, and to help your child face this fear.

  1. Do not force your child to sit down and read an entire text book. If your child has never ever done this before, he/she will not be able to do it all by himself or herself in the very first attempt.
  2. Try and generate interest in the child, so that he or she feels excited to read the book. Storybooks are nice and fun to read, but reading textbooks generally needs a boost.
  3. Before you get your child to read the book, make sure that he/she previews it. This means that the child should look at the headings, pictures, maps and graphs of the text, which will generate curiosity in the mind of the child.
  4. Make sure that you give your child enough time to read the text carefully. Give him or her time so that the textbook can be read at a comfortable pace, without having to rush through.
  5. Develop the habit of underlining answers in your children. This will make sure that when they are revising, they do not have to read through everything again and can get all important points at a glance.
  6. Be tolerant with your child! This is the most important thing to keep in mind. Your child will not understand a lot of sections of the text. In such a case, encourage the child to re-read those sections until they can fully understand that topic. Be there to patiently explain different concepts again and again.
  7. Lastly, in order to complete the job, make it a habit to ask your child what did he or she understand. This makes the child an enthusiastic reader, and he reads carefully to be able to explain everything clearly to the parent later on.

Even though these efforts seem time consuming and cumbersome, if you follow them rigidly, you and your child will soon discover that it is in fact time saving and effective. It slowly and gradually helps to inculcate reading habits in the child, and sooner or later, your child will start to love the process of reading text books and seeking information.


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