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Does Social Media Ruin Your Academic Life And Career?

Does social media ruin your academic life and career?

Different people have different viewpoints on this trending issue. While one school of thought advocates that social media actually eats up their career and academic life by wasting their precious time, others believe that it actually motivates them to strive harder and become more successful when they see their peers and relatives reaching great heights.

In order to arrive at a conclusion to this, it is important first to consider the reasons why people tend to think negatively about social media.

The to-do list while on social media never ends. People have to log onto their accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram; then reply to messages, check out their news feeds and friend requests, comment on others’ photographs and posts, and then reply back to the comments posted on their updates…the list is never-ending. Consequently, people have become addicted to this social media and cannot even imagine living without it for even an instant.

With the advent of social media, the number of friends that a person has on these platforms has also increased tremendously. So can one then conclude that social media became successful in its ultimate goal of bringing people closer to each other?

As a matter of fact, social media has ended up deepening the communication gap between people. They are happy seeing each other virtually and do not even bother to pay an actual visit to these people. As a direct consequence of this, these people do not even want to meet the real other friends and relatives who are in close proximity to them, since the virtual world fascinates them even more.

Is social media demolishing your career as a side effect of being addicted to it?

Apparently, yes. People become so addicted to these platforms that they do not even realise how heavily dependent they are on them. This addiction leads them nowhere and is actually extremely harmful for them. But with increasing awareness about these issues, a lot of people have decided to leave social media entirely. It is not uncommon to hear that students have deactivated their Facebook IDs and have uninstalled Whatsapp for a month to focus on their upcoming exams.

However, such an act is only cowardly, and is no permanent solution. Because once the decided time period ends, they will get back to using their beloved social media platforms, and will not understand the harm of following such practices. On the other hand, if from the very beginning, people used social media in limit, and for definite time periods, they would be able to exercise a higher degree of control over it, and be able to curb the urge to remain online at all times. As an additional benefit, it would not deprive them of the excellent occasion to gain excellent career opportunities, since many MNCs and top-notch companies run their recruitment process online, through various social media platforms, as it helps them to target their potential candidates and also saves the time in filtering out other candidates.


So the conclusion to the question that we initially started with can be summarised as follows: strategic use of social media can actually help to gain huge career success. On the other hand, refraining from it completely due to the fear of being addicted to it would steal some crucial chances and opportunities.

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