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Teachers New Year messages to the students

As the time of year’s end the new year is about to come and the celebrations starts all over the world. Every one is enjoying their winter holidays and ready to welcome the new year with warm and cheerful hearts in full party celebration mood. While you are playing and hanging around with your friends and family your teaching might be think how to get on your head in the upcoming semester and give you some serious headache. So most of the students think this delusions and be in fear, but this is the real most of the teachers do this and give you so much assignments that your holidays gets fully ruined and instead become a headache for you. You all students may be right but first atleast let us see what our teachers want to say to us before reaching to just one conclusion. So now let us have look upon some of these kinds of messages.


Assigning homework doesn’t simply mean there is a war between us

One of the major problems the students have with the teachers is that why teachers assign them with an assignment. You may think, I attend all the lectures, possess the subject knowledge and get good marks as well. So, what is the need of doing a coursework?

For that, your teacher could tell you that asking you to write an assignment does not mean war. Instead, the teachers use homework as a way to assess your subject knowledge, and you get valuable grades for the same as well. So, It’s a fair deal I guess.


We know about the nicknames you have given to us

This war sort of situation between you and the teachers, give you the urge to come up with funny names for the teachers. It proves to be a good tonic for your satisfaction as you call the teachers by that nickname as he or she leaves the classroom.

When it comes to this, the teachers want to tell you that they are aware of it and are not bothered. Instead, they enjoy it as you help the teachers in knowing their traits and they can put efforts to get better if they find something bad in themselves.


We also have hobbies and want time to enjoy them

As a student, you keep making excuses in attempting assignments or in doing some other academic tasks. You say how you don’t get time to enjoy your favorite games or to hang out with friends due to academic commitments.

The teachers want you to take a look at their schedule as well. They get up at 5:30 if you get up at 6:30 (add 15 minutes more to that). They may have to help their kids in getting ready for school, next they have to teach you till the evening. Moreover, they leave the school after you and lots of homework, and school commitments wait for them even if they get home.



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