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Step By Step Guide For Writing An Argumentative Essay

Step by Step Guide for Writing an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays are generally a source of reservoir, voicing the opinions that have been unheard. And if you want to take a stronger more stance for your opinion, try to compel it within a properly structured argumentative essay, reinforcing your ideas with a solid reasoning power. Coming towards the definition of an argumentative essay– it is a piece of writing that is said to take a stance or voice power over a general situation or a problem. The primary goal here is to provide a logical reason behind your theory with supporting evidence. Being a writer, you must be able to persuade your audience with the content you write and the perspective you choose for supporting your statements.

Students are often assigned with different kinds of essay writing assignments during their academic career. And if you’re given with the one of compiling a great argumentative essay for writing, then take a look at the steps mentioned below for better presentation and work-

Step 1: Prepare everything in advance

The first thing that you need to do here is to choose a good topic for your essay. Students are often advised to choose topics that are more influencing and quite contradictory to work with. This means they need to portray multiple perspectives from one kind. You can choose your side of the topic for writing, and then try to persuade the readers with the content you provide. Here, the content must be presented in a very subjugated manner that the readers are made to believe in the theory you present before them. For doing that, you need to provide quite legitimate and logical statements. Try to enhance the connection between you and your readers by delving your content with the emotional aspect. Collect different facts, opinions of various authors, logical arguments to support statements and include your personal experience to enrich the quality of your content.

Step 2: Write the Introduction

Beginning with the introductory section of your essay, outline the main objective of your topic and provide proper background information on the same. Highlight the pieces of evidence presented in your content and then state the thesis statement. This needs to be done with full perfection and interest by incorporating a ‘stick by’ element for your content. This might be the only golden chance for you to grab the attention of your readers. For doing that, follow a quote or an unknown fact, draw some statistics or produce a vivid situation. This will surely stick the readers with your content.

Step 3: Thesis Statement

Here, you need to summarize the whole context and theory behind your content in just one sentence. The first paragraph that you write for your essay must introduce the audience well with the topic you present, the perspective you want to lead and the things that you are going to achieve from its accomplishment. You need to make efficient use of the last sentence of your paragraph, leading to a smooth transition from one to next. Make sure that your thesis statement is specific and focused enough towards your goal. It must make the readers understand of what you are going to debate about and why.

Step 4: Compile the body section

Generally speaking, there’s three or more paragraphs needed to support the claims made in your argumentative essay. It tends to explain the right intention for your supporting statements. Hence, every body paragraph must focus well on the evidence part and incorporating a topic sentence that explains the reasons to entrust your opinion. In order to do that, start compiling your content with well research, studies, statistics, citations and examples.

Step 5: The Conclusion part

This is the final stage of your writing, which needs to be presented beautifully. It is advised to rephrase your thesis statement back again in this section with a proper closing statement to summarize the intricate details. You need to end your essay with a final-approaching sentence, a recommendation, or even an open question to make them wonder of what’s coming next after it. Do not add any new arguments or facts in this section as this will ruin the very purpose of concluding your essay.

Step 6: Revise and Polish

Now that you’re done with your essay’s writing section, be ready to effectively revise and proofread it well before final submission. Ensure that it is appropriate as per the needs and views of your readers, along with the purpose you are going to attain from it. Your message needs to be communicated well within the audience you reach, and this could be only done by establishing a good connection between you and your readers.

We understand the needs of your university and so are completely aware of what you all need to go through while writing and compiling your assignments. Well, in that case, if you get stuck with any kind of academic essay or assignment, feel free to contact our online essay writing services for professional help and guidance.

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