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Subjects to study in college

This title may seem a little weird but some students can relate to it. While some students may relate this topic to majors or degrees offered by some universities. However this article is not about any degree or major, it is about the general subjects that should be opted by every college. There are some classes worth attending and it is going to be discussed in this article.

There are many things which should be taken into account by students in college. College is not just about studies, it is more than that. College is about all round development of a student. to give you a platform for an all-round development we have identified a few subjects which will definitely help you .

  1. Sports 

This is listed in the first place as it has many positive reasons. First of all if we are active in some sports we will remain both physically and mentally fit. Second it is not bad to develop a hobby which has some health benefits. Lastly we can generate an employment opportunity out of it. Let’s take an example, there were once two guys one who took soccer as a sport in school and continued to play it n college as well, while the other focused only on studies and didn’t opt for any sport. After they completed their MBA they went on to a regular 9 to 5 job and were doing well but were not happy at all. But they needed money to support their life financially so they continued to work. Once a job opportunity to play as a player in soccer came and the one who opted for sports in college got the part and did what made him happy while the other guy had no choice but to keep doing that old job.

  1. Writing Course

Writing is involved in every field of work. You can either take management or engineering, one has to write a lot( Speaking from personal experience) You might be wondering why is writing important for you guys. First reason is it is a mode of communication . In colleges there is grading is based on assignment writing. In order to write a good assignment one should have a good writing skill set. Similarly in examination writing is equally important. In professional world writing is also important. That is why writing can come in handy in various areas.

  1. Economics

Economics is personally my favorite subject and would suggest everyone out of it. In today world one should be able to understand his home country economy. Economics can give you a better insight about your investments and can help you in giving better returns. Secondly it can make you understand business which will be appreciated in companies.


  1. Try Programming course

Programming courses can sound a little weird if you are a student pursuing law, arts however it is not at all bad for students at management. If we talk about job market in US, UK or Australia, people having knowledge of both management and technology gains a priority over others. Reason is very straight Companies saves cost of a technical person. People in management field which do not have programming knowledge should take up programming. This will boost your chance of getting a better placement and might open other opportunities for you.

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  1. Love numbers and try Statistics and mathematics

Primary reason for studying statistics is to gain proficiency with numbers. There are numbers everywhere. Start television, read a newspaper or pay out your rent. You will find numbers everywhere. Secondly, it strengthens your analytical skills and logical thinking. Solving a mathematical or statistical problem one has to be very smart at handling models and data.

These are the few subjects that help an individual to learn different sectors. One should not miss out any of these subjects.
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