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Step By Step Guide For Writing A Progress Report

Step by Step Guide for Writing a Progress Report

When a business undertakes a significant venture, it needs to assess the process, development, results, outcomes, and areas of improvement. Progress reports are a part of this process which provides information regarding the venture to the supervisors. In short, we can say that a progress report is an overview of the whole status of the project. Thus, a progress report is very helpful for both organization and you, which is why students need to learn to write an effective progress report.

How to write a Progress Report

While writing a progress report, the first step is to make a title for it. This title includes the date on which the report was filed, the recipient’s name and designation, the sender’s name and designation, and the subject of the report.

The next thing is to write the introduction paragraph. Here you need to provide a brief overview of the project. Do not forget to highlight the project’s aim, timeline and other crucial aspects.

The next section is the ‘task finished’ section, where you need to describe the work that has already been completed. Provide all the details in chronological order about the project’s development from the beginning. Further, you need to make a spreadsheet dividing it into two columns. Column one includes the dates, and column two includes the tasks you have been working on.

The issues faced while working on the project must be described in the next section. Further, you need to demonstrate how you and your team overcame them along with effective solutions.

Provide all the details to your superior heads and how you will be working further on the project. Make a list of all those tasks that need to be accomplished within a certain period of time. Set deadlines for each task so that they are completed on time.

Next, you need to compile a summary of your overall report. Here, you need to present the most important facts about the project’s accomplishment. Even include the summary of the issues your team has faced so far and the advisory panel to solve them.

Important points to remember

Some of the examples of a progress report are a memorandum, a formal written report, a regular email or a simple verbal report. Internal progress reports must be sent in a note style, while professional business reports must be used as external correspondence with the client.

The main purpose of a progress report is to not just keep the managers informed of the state of the project but also to make a significant impact on the decisions they make. Seeing certain project circumstances, the company might alter, amend or revise its decisions for further developments.

While learning to write a successful project report, make sure that your report is well-oriented towards the project, which simply means that you need to focus more on your team’s work instead of the supervisor’s hopes and objectives. Always keep in mind that you are straightforward while delivering your points in the progress report. Writing extra-long statements with thick documents is not a good idea. Your progress report should be only two-three pages long.

While demonstrating your expertise on the project, make sure that you keep your seniors informed about the progress of the project so that they are able to make effective decisions for the business.

The most common mistakes students make while writing a progress report

·         Explaining everything using vivid words and phrases is not suitable. Do not use terms that overplay with the context of your text because it won’t help the supervisors.

·         Late delivery or irregular submission of progress reports to supervisors is not advised. So make sure that you submit one regularly.

·         Never oversimplify the issue. Instead, provide complete and accurate information about the concerns during the project cycle.

·         Do not try to create a long paper from the progress report. A huge bundle of information, computations, research digests and so on must not be crammed in the paper.

So, this was all about the writing and compilation of a progress report. Apart from this, if you ever need help regarding your academic papers or assignments, feel free to contact our online assignment writing services for professional help and guidance.

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