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English is the language that contains some words that seem much similar when it comes to spelling and how they get pronounced. These are such words which could be the cause of you getting laughed at by your friends or classmates.

So, you might have interest in learning such words to avoid facing such situation. Well, that is smart thinking. Thus, as an online assignment help provider, we have come up with a write-up that tries to give you an idea of the same. So, read on!

Bad and Bed

It’s not like the confusion with the words arise only with the tough words, for your information this confusion is more common with the words we use in daily life.

Bad and Bed is the right example of it. Bad is the word that gets used for something unpleasant or defective.

And you use the word Bed for the piece of furniture you use for sleep. But, confusion between A and E could change the whole meaning, so be aware!

Complement and Compliment

A compliment is a word that is also pretty common. However, many people (including me) make the mistake of spelling it.

The word complement is used when something is added in order to improve a thing.

Whereas, the word compliment is used when you want to admire someone’s work.

Desert and Dessert

Fun fact, if you remove just one S from the Dessert, your sweet dish turns into a soil. Cannot understand?

The word Desert is used to represent a dry area with lots of sand, like the Sahara Desert.

And the word Dessert is used to represent the sweet dishes you eat after having a proper meal.

Principle and Principal

Many people often get confused between these two words. They get confused while writing a school letter that they need to mention principle or principal.

Well, the principal is the one who denotes your school head.

And principles are some fundamental rules and regulation of a firm.

Sell and Sale

As both the terms are related to shopping, people often have a confusion between them too.

The word sell is used when you need to exchange some product in turn of money.

And the word sale is used to denote discounts on the products, for example, 20% Sale etc.

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