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The Most Common Four Types Of Sentences

The most common Four types of Sentences

One can learn the language with the help of proper structuring and punctuations that can help us deliver our messages in a more meaningful manner. Along with this, if we are aware of the four types of sentences, we can easily use appropriate phrases and words to convey our message in the right tone. Therefore, it is very important for students to know how to use correct punctuation in their sentences and not confuse the readers with its content.

The four major types of sentences include declarative, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory.

Declarative/ Statement sentences

With the help of this sentence, we can easily state the basic information and make statements about it. These sentences also help us express our opinions and thoughts. A declarative sentence is used very frequently and is most prevalent in speech and writing. Never forget to end declarative sentences with a period.

Imperative/Command sentences

When you are to place a demand or give an order, you employ the use of imperative sentences. These sentences also end with a period. However, an exclamation mark can be used sometimes. Depending upon the message you conveyed, these sentences can be either positive or negative.

Interrogative/Question sentences

If you want to ask a question, then you’ll make use of interrogative sentences. It generally ends with a question mark. For writing such sentences, we make use of words like why, when, where, etc., to help frame questions.

Exclamatory/Exclamation sentences

When you try to express your deep feelings or emotions, you make use of exclamatory sentences. These feelings can be either used to express sadness, disbelief, or happiness and must end with an exclamation mark. These kinds of sentences are rarely used in formal writings or high objectives.

Using the four types of sentences in practice

Declarative sentences help provide direction and purpose to your content so that the readers are able to understand the flow and perspective of the topic. These kinds of sentences can be used for formal and creative writing.

Imperative sentences are generally used to state your demand or give an order. The command here will be based on the action of the reader. In order to make your writing look more pleasing and polite, make use of the word ‘please’ at the beginning of each sentence. Instead of asking someone to ‘Do your work,’ frame your words politely by adding ‘please’ at the beginning of each sentence.

While asking questions, we make use of interrogative sentences so that we are able to direct out any chances of miscommunication. With the help of these sentences, the question is easy to understand and helps get straightforward answers.

By reading exclamatory sentences, readers get to associate their emotions and feelings to the content. These types of sentences help stimulate the imagination of the readers. This is one of the four types of sentences that you don’t want to use more often as it might make your writing look amateur.

It is crucial to employ the use of these sentences in your speech or writing before it looks dull or monotonous. To help hook the readers with your content and add depth to your writing, make use of interrogative sentences. By adding these four types of sentences to your content, you give a beautiful and creative look to your writing.

Whether you write an article, a blog, or a fictional story, you must be aware of the use of such sentences in your content. Apart from this, if you ever need help regarding your academic papers or assignments, feel free to contact our online assignment writing services for professional help and guidance.

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