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Plagiarism Issues In Assignments And How To Deal With Them

Plagiarism issues in assignments and how to deal with them

What does plagiarism mean?

When a person uses another’s work for his own without giving due credit, such an act is known as plagiarism. In simple words, plagiarism can be defined as cheating. It is excessively common in schools, colleges and universities where students cheat work of others that they find on the net, and then pass it off as their own. This copy-pasting of work can be from some website, book, research paper, or any other source.

How serious is the issue of plagiarism?

As per surveys that were held in the USA and Canada, 40 per cent of students admitted to having copied content from the internet to complete their assignments. Professors also revealed that students are often suspended from the university on account of 100 per cent plagiarism, while others were given poor grades for partial plagiarism.

Yet another survey revealed that 36% undergraduate students paraphrased content, 14% fabricated the bibliography, while 12% graduates did not cite the content before submission. Additionally, 7% students did not mention the reference for their work.

Consequences of retorting to plagiarism

Universities follow a strict code of conduct against plagiarism, and have made rules to fight the same in the campus. Those found guilty of plagiarism have to face troubles and will be subjected to severe punishment as per what is defined or decided by the university. As per the zero-tolerance policy against plagiarism, those submitting copied work will lose grades, be suspended, or in extreme cases, the college might even cancel their admission.

Additionally, schools and colleges also add a notation to the transcript that the student was involved in plagiarism, which affects the students and makes it very difficult to seek admission in another school.

Results of plagiarism can be very dangerous and far reaching. It can easily alter your positive image, and throw you in a bad light. Moreover, it will debar you from getting a scholarship as well!

Can plagiarism be easily detected?

Students think that they are very clever, and thus they can outsmart their teachers and professors. They do not realize that it is very easy for universities to catch their duplicate work. Online and offline softwares are easily available, and can help to detect plagiarized work within a matter of few minutes.

How to avoid plagiarism

It is very important that students check their content before their submission in order to ensure that their work is not plagiarized. A lot of websites can help them to do so at minimum costs.


This is one of the best tools to check for plagiarism since it provides accurate and detailed results at minimal costs.


This paid plagiarism checker compares the content of your soft copy with five million web pages to detect plagiarism and copied content. Additionally, it also improves the quality of your assignment by checking for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, suggesting synonyms, etc.


VIPER is a free of cost service which scans your copy and then goes on to compare it with 10 billion or more resources. This tool is especially effective, and as a bonus it offers an unlimited copy check, while also offering a link to the original work.

Small SEO Tools

This free tool highlights all copied content with a red line, which makes it easy for the student to simply modify only the copied content.

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