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How To Be On Good Terms With Your Roommates And Stay Like That Forever

How to be on good terms with your roommates and stay like that forever

As if going to an altogether new place to study and staying away from one’s family was not enough stress already, students also have to deal with the pressure of maintaining cordial relations with their roommates to ensure that they do not have a hard time. Roommates are like a second family for a person who is away from his or her loved ones. They not only share a room with you to reduce your financial burden, but they do a lot more than that! They help to curb loneliness, and good roommates are always with you in times of need! They are the ones you can share your problems with, take help from, and seek advice from. You know that they have always got your back!

It is extremely important to ensure that you build good relations with your roommates, and in fact, not only build good relations with them, but also make sure that these bonds continue and only strengthen with time.

Here is how you can ensure that you have a healthy and friendly relationship with them:

Be involved

Treat your roommates as if they are your family. Be patient with them and try and be involved. Discuss things with them and listen to their problems sincerely and genuinely try and help them out. They are also facing the same problems as you are, and your help with make things a lot easier for them. If you value your roommates, they will also value you!

Respect their privacy and private time

Being involved does not mean that you start intruding their personal space. It is crucial that you respect their privacy, their private matters and their private time. If you respect their privacy, they will also respect yours, and things will become smooth and cordial between the two of you.

Share work and responsibilities

Distribute work equally and with the consent of every individual. Also ensure that you follow this work schedule religiously, and do not skip out or forget on your part of the tasks.

Discuss matters

It is important to bring matters that concern your roommate and you to light. Arrange a weekly discussion with your roommate, and talk about bills, living arrangement, issues that are popping up, etc. Do not take decisions on your own, involve them and then value their opinion as well!

Be neither a borrower nor a lender

Money has the ability to ruin any relation. Make sure that you keep money borrowing and lending matters as far away as you can. If a roommate is in a dire emergency, then you must obviously help him or her. But other than that, avoid such things. In case you borrow money, make sure that you return it at the earliest possible.

Set rules and follow them seriously

It is important to decide on matters like night stays, smoking and drinking inside the room, etc. well in advance. If your roommate does not like smoking or drinking, eating non vegetarian foods, etc; then respect that his or her opinions and do not do such activities.

Also always take permission from your roommate before you decide to borrow his or her personal stuff, since such activities can lead to unnecessary fights.

Keep your room neat and tidy

More fights happen over untidy rooms than you can ever imagine. Therefore, make it a point to keep your room neat and clean, to keep back all your things after you use them, and to do your laundry often. Shoes should go in their proper racks, books in the bookshelf and so on…

Keep an open outlook

Your roommate might not belong to the same country, culture or community as you. Do not adopt a narrow perspective since it will make things tough for both of you. Instead, be open to learning new things and try and adapt yourself to the change.

Socialize with your roommate

Invite your roommate to go out with you. Go for a movie together, or for a lunch. Socialize and become each other’s best friend. This way, you will be able to develop a good personal relation with the other person.


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