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Plagiarism And Its Consequences

Plagiarism and its Consequences

Plagiarism is when you steal another person’s thoughts and content without properly citing them. Based on the requirements and forms of plagiarism, there are many penalties. Some of the most prevalent ones are-

  • Failure to complete the course
  • Your college or university has the authority to suspend you
  • Being subjected to disciplinary proceedings
  • Penalties based on grades

Besides these above-mentioned repercussions, plagiarism may have long-term consequences on your academic as well as professional life, putting your future in danger. Plagiarized content in published work can lead to serious legal or financial repercussions.

Consequences of plagiarism for college students

Plagiarism at the college level comes bearing serious consequences. The guidelines provided by your university contain the details of its plagiarism stance and examples. If you have any further concerns, then you should speak to your professor regarding them. You will not be able to score well in academics if there’s plagiarism in your work, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Further, you can also be booked under academic suspension. At times, you have to also face disciplinary measures due to plagiarism to cheat or repeated infractions. It can stop you from graduating, which will eventually affect your future. Although each university has its code of ethics for plagiarism, the punishments are frequently the same. In order to avoid plagiarism in your work, you need to properly acknowledge all the sources. Even if you haven’t copied any content from another source, you should still spot errors in your work through plagiarism detectors. Even in high schools, authorities guide students to not use plagiarized content in their work.

Consequences of plagiarism in research

In research and other academic fields, plagiarism is seen as a serious offence that has significant personal and professional consequences. This means that it can permanently damage your personality or image in the market, resulting in the loss of funding for research or promotional activities. Several academic organizations are against the policy of plagiarism. So, if, by any chance, there’s plagiarism in your work, then you’ll be withdrawn from your degree even though you have already graduated. Other major consequences of plagiarism in research and academics include; you’ll be denied finances for your work, future journal contributions will be prohibited, status as a well-known professor would be revoked, and your previously published work be retracted. It can even lead to serious legal actions such as copyright violations and embezzlement. There are many publication houses in the industry that have their own plagiarism rules and guidelines for the same. Some of them even consider duplicate submissions to be plagiarized. In that case, it is always advised to first read the submission guidelines for the publication before actually submitting your final draft. If you are uncertain about the authenticity of your work, re-read and think about it again before you face serious repercussions.

Consequences of plagiarism for other professions

Plagiarism isn’t just limited to high school or colleges. In the professional world, it is considered to be a significant offence. The way individuals or students have to deal with the harshest ethical costs due to plagiarism, similarly, professionals in other fields might have to face substantial repercussions as well. If there’s plagiarism in your work, your job prospects will be seriously harmed, and your career will be at risk.

One of the most severe consequences of plagiarism is copyright infringement. The author of original work can pose a legal threat to you if you publish plagiarized content. And if the author wins, you’ll be required to pay certain damages and other legal expenses incurred during the process. So, this was all about plagiarism and its consequences. Apart from this, if you ever need help regarding your academic papers or assignments, feel free to contact our online assignment writing services for professional help and guidance.

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