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On the Correct Path

Clarity of purpose, appetite to learn or develop and commitment towards being a value addition to the social order are the three essential self-faculties for an individual’s all-inclusive learning and progress. Today, we have the autonomy of talking about ‘chasing your dream’ contrasted with a few years ago, when individuals considered themselves fortunate even to have a decent job.Image result for right career choice

The information technology is flourishing, which has set careers of many eligible candidates and is still continuing to do so, but at the same time, this has made people sightless towards other career prospects. In this furious haste of building a career in the IT industry, we see many individuals surrendering to peer pressure and end up with making career choices halfheartedly. It is undoubtedly an incredible emotion when you become the cause for merriment for your family and folks. However, one should also appreciate the fact that every work is appropriate if we are good at it and prospects will always be offered for those who have the skills to seize them.

Numerous opportunities are available not only in developed economies but developing economies as well. India is one such economy on the verge of development. We are observing many exciting advances in India. ‘Make in India’ initiative started by the current Indian government needs competent chief engineers. However, business houses repetitively flag their apprehension on the absence of skilled Engineers in the country. India is the land of knowledgeable professionals, but due to lack of growth opportunities, Indian students migrate to the developed countries for better career prospects. They are practicing the demand-supply theory as the number of opportunities available in India was insignificant till some time ago. The students who study in the premier institutes travel overseas to make a better fortune. In the time to come, a shift is forecasted, the foundation of which has already been planted. The most influential economic superpowers, The US, The UK, etc. are already signing some MoUs with India to improve the credibility of the latter.

There is one more angle attached to it. Parents of children pursuing engineering prefer a high Return on their Investment and even the Indian students, who study in the premium institutes in India, are sent out of the country. Of course, ‘money’ will be of supreme importance in the value system of individuals in a developing economy. For most of the parents, it is a modest and straightforward principle: ‘more is the remuneration, better is the profession.’

However, in this nuptial with career, if one is not enthusiastically connected with it, one can under no circumstances be happy with it. Hence, understanding and fashioning mindfulness of various career choices is vital before deciding upon a career alternative and one ought to know to draw a logical comparison before deciding upon anything. For instance, the knowledge of ‘coding’ and ‘machine designing’ are two not the same. One may possibly learn to code within a few months and perform the same on the job, which is not applicable to core Engineering streams like mechanical engineering where; an individual needs to be thorough with the basics like nuclear physics/quantum electrodynamics and bearing in mind the massiveness of the stream, most of the knowledge is acquired on the job with experience.

Always remember, in the quest to become skilled professionals and to run through the forty plus years of specialized professional marathon passionately, our ‘Outlook’ plays a significant role along with ‘Understanding’ and ‘Talent.’ The influence of self-confidence is such that, what seems impossible to others, will be a likelihood for those with belief and assurance. If a person is clear as to what they want to pursue professionally, he or she will naturally start discovering the answers for the “in what way,” “at what time,” “where” and all other related questions.

The career attentiveness and counseling platforms for learners should preferably take place during their pre-university schooling and undergraduate studies; the undergraduates should be exposed to specific career awareness programs that suit their interests.

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