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Importance Of Statistics In Economics

Importance of Statistics in Economics

Economics is one such field that focuses on delivering, distributing and consuming products and services. Along with this, it studies how individuals, businesses, governments and various other groups and communities make resource designation decisions. The things we practice as humans are the focal point of economics, based on the fact that humans think reasonably. The study of business and employment are the foundations of economics.

When it comes to statistics, it is a sub-branch of mathematics that majorly deals with collecting, investigating, interpreting and displaying data. It is one of the most diverse discipline fields which is used in all kinds of professions. One must employ effective statistical methods and theories for his research concerns if it is related to the scientific field. There are many statisticians that use various computational techniques to create and analyze various theories.

There are many subjects and topics in economics that are represented using arithmetic, symbols, algebra and other mathematical techniques. Such kind of economic theories can only be understood and evaluated based on suitable computing numbers. Statistics allows fact comparison, and it also supports a huge number of figures.

It creates a link between factors like money creation, cost, current price, climate change, crop yields and total quantity delivered. Thus we can say that economics is a field that is associated with statistics. Statistics has also become a valuable tool for entrepreneurs in their everyday tasks. Today’s modern economics demand a statistical and scientific base. We can say that economic methodologies have developed considerably all because of the advancements in mathematics and statistics. As a result, statistics is here to stay for a long because it has a variety of applications in a multitude of areas.

There are many different branches of economics, and each differs depending on its use. For instance, business economics employs various statistical tools in planning and computational analysis of sales, production, distribution and other operations. Here are some examples that explain the importance of statistics in business-


Statistical analysis is widely used in marketing to provide information for effective decision making. It is crucial that you determine what needs to be sold in the market and devise an appropriate plan for it to ensure that the commodities reach the right target audience.


Statistical information and techniques are widely used in the sector of manufacturing as well. It further decides what, when, and how to produce, along with the targeted consumer for produced goods.


Various financial organizations use statistical analysis to carry out their financial operations for the need and scope of their goods and services.


The banking sector and its research department use statistical information for collecting and analyzing data. It is not just practised under general economic conditions of one’s own business but for other businesses and segments as well in which they may be willing to participate.


With the help of statistics, investors are able to establish specific and worthwhile decisions that can aid them with reliable stocks and the best opportunities in the market.


The purchase department uses statistical information to establish appropriate purchase policies, the number of goods, who to buy from, when and where to buy and what to purchase.


Statistics is used in the auditing sector of accounting, where target techniques and samples are extensively implemented.

Operational control

For preparing the budget for the whole year, you need sales, resources, net profits, goods and other capital requirements that fall under the management control process.

Statistics is a substantial field of study that is used in every form of business, be it small business owners or huge enterprises. It is used to simplify the process of data analysis and planning process by presenting a large amount of data in a readable form. There are various processes in every business that carry out statistical and computational analysis to prepare monthly reports. This further helps in effective planning and implementation. Thus we can say that the importance of statistics in economics is huge.

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