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How To Write An Effective Short Essay?

How to write an effective Short Essay?

It’s not easy for students to deal with their daily academic tasks, especially when it comes to writing a short essay because they’re already dealing with multiple academic assignments. Generally speaking, short essays are less time-consuming and are in great demand as compared to other academic writing assignments. So, the moment you start working, it is important to keep it short and concise.

If you are also assigned a short essay for academics, and you are not aware of its process, then here are some tips for you. Mentioned below are some crucial insights that will help you compile a perfectly prepared short essay.

Emphasize more on a single arguable point

Your short essay needs to revolve around one single central point. This is because you won’t have sufficient space and time to bring new ideas to your essay, so it’s better to stick with one. Select a narrow topic for writing that is more intriguing in its nature and has a brief description. This will also help you stay within the word limit.

Rely on appropriate secondary sources

To write short essays, you need to research the topic thoroughly to collect valid data and information related to it. Most of the research performed on a short essay takes place on the internet. Students search for data on various online portals that help them collect information of high quality and peer-reviewed content. While writing short essays, you won’t have enough time to go through various online sources, so you must stick with one. This comes out to be more beneficial for writing and is also time-efficient.

Check the credibility of online sources

If you search for content on online sources, then you need to make sure that these sources are reliable and relevant for your writing. Focus on websites that provide official or government-related data; instead of surfing through commercial-based websites. If your essay talks about a current topic, then it is important to go through the news-based websites that can help you provide data from its various articles and blogs.

Prepare a proper structure of your essay

Before beginning to write for your essay, make sure that you plan the structure well in advance. This will help you elaborate things in brief by following an already prepared plan for writing. In your outline, number the paragraphs as per their significance and write down each paragraph’s major points as required. If you plan to use any secondary sources, then do mention them in each paragraph.

Write an impressive thesis statement

This statement is of greater significance to your content and acts as a core element of your short essay. It should emphasize the vision of your plan and how you think of reflecting things in your essay. It should not be vague, too broad or weak; instead, keep it simple, convincing, and concise.

Explain the topic in the introductory section

Do not forget to mention your topic in the beginning paragraph. Briefly elaborate on the concepts that the readers would be witnessing further in your content. Explain your stand on why the topic is crucial to you. You can also provide some evidence to support your statements that can help prove the point.

Cover various aspects in your body paragraphs

Each paragraph needs to cover its specific idea for writing. You can prove your claim by including relevant quotes and paraphrases from different primary and secondary sources, along with your own observations and thoughts. Do not forget to highlight the thesis statement in each of your paragraphs.

So, this was all about the writing of a short essay and how you can prepare an effective one for your academics with the help of these tips. Apart from this, if you require help with your essays or assignments, feel free to contact our online essay writing services for professional help and guidance.

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