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How To Write A Perfect Research Proposal?

How to Write a Perfect Research Proposal?

Research proposal writing is not just limited to any application process for a post-graduation degree; rather, it is also required in the form of relevant documents, including government and private entities, non-educational bodies and various research foundations. Therefore, a research proposal drafted with perfection increases the possibility of accomplishing your goal for the same.

The main objective of submitting a research proposal is to provide an outline of the premise on the grounds for which your research is being conducted. Thus, you can say that a research proposal is a starting point of your discussion that can help you find the source of funding.

Classification of research proposal

In terms of a professional research proposal, there are the following categories that can help you compile one-

Academic proposal: This is presented in the form of an application process to reserve a seat at the university. As per the guidelines of universities, each of them prescribes their favorable formats for writing a research proposal with a unique writing pattern.

Pre-proposal: Before sending a full-fledged proposal, an inquiry is sent in the form of a pre-proposal as a way of measuring whether a concerned institution is interested in accepting the proposal or not. It is generally presented in the form of a summary or abstract, mentioning the field’s present state.

Request for proposal: When an open document is sent to various individuals or gets displayed over public institutions or forums, it tends to perform an active role of a request for the concerned research proposal. There are specific parameters of writing a request for proposal, which need to be followed accordingly by the individual.

Generic proposal: All the proposals that do not fall under the above-mentioned categories are likely to be included in this group. This kind of proposal is generally used for research funding that are either sent to private or public organizations with a soundtrack record.

Components of writing a research proposal

For writing a perfect research proposal, you need to include the following aspects in your content-

  • The aim, goals, objective and purpose of writing
  • Research problem or the thesis statement
  • The literature review of the previous research performed while justifying the present proposal
  • Research methodology
  • Obtained results and contribution
  • The requirements for the equipment, material and funding
  • The approx. time limit for completion of each stage

The structure of writing a research proposal

  • While drafting the structure of your proposal, you need to answer the following questions-
  • What problem, issue, or concern does your research address?
  • How is your research going to contribute to the existing knowledge?
  • How is your research going to achieve the goals and objectives as stated?
  • Can your research be conducted within the given time and resource constraints?

In order to draft your proposal in the standard sense, follow the given parameters-

Introduction: Under this part, you need to define the problem statement along with the aims and objectives of your research. Do not forget to provide the definition of the key terminologies, areas of literature and practice, as well as provide a brief summary of the gap in the literature.

Literature review: This is the process where you basically go back to review the previous literature and highlight the important aspects of your research and its implementation.

Methodology: With the help of the method you choose for conducting research, you carefully design the whole framework to fulfill the research question’s objectives.

Additional information: Apart from the above-mentioned aspects include the additional details that are required for your research. This majorly includes the budget allocation, citation, appendices, bibliography, or other crucial features for your research.

So, this was all about the formation of a research proposal and how you can perfect one for your academics. If you require help regarding your academic projects or assignments, feel free to contact our online academic writing services for professional help and guidance.

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